Top 5 Best Android Settings You Must Try In 2022

Top 5 Best Android Settings You Must Try In 2022: Are you using all the features present on your smartphone? I’m sure you must not be aware of all the features and might be thinking how boring it is to use an Android phone. It often happens that, to some extent, people get bored using their phones and plan to have a new one.

best android settings

So, before changing your phone, rethink how much you explored all the features that are in-built on your phone. If not yet, then you must check out some of the amazing android settings to give it a new look.

Android devices come with lots of features, all of which are not enabled out of the box. So, many people stay unaware of these hidden features, which are actually very useful to enhance the performance of your android phone.

Now, it’s no longer a secret, as we have discussed some of the best features you can enable just by following a few steps.

5 Quick Android Settings to Enhance Your Experience

If your phone is getting slow, consuming excessive data, or you are concerned about your privacy and security, you must try the settings mentioned below.

1. Stop Personalized Ads From Google

This happens to every android user that Google features its ads while net surfing and watching videos. They are also displayed in specific apps that are of no use and unnecessarily consume your time. It seems irritating, and you must be thinking about how to get rid of these stubborn ads without installing any additional apps.

Well, to deal with this problem, you don’t need any third-party app to control these ads as all the solutions are available on your phone. You just need to go to your Setting and navigate the Google Ads option. There you will find the Delete Advertising ID, which you need to tap to delete. Now, you will not receive any nonsense advertisements from Google which is out of your interest.

2. Hide Notification From The Lock Screen

Your android phones have a fantastic feature through which you can interact with the notifications from different apps on your lock screen. It might be convenient, but someone else can also see your personal messages and other notifications that must not be shared with anyone. Luckily, your smartphone has an option that can hide the notification displayed on your lock screen.

You just need to go through the Setting and find the Notification option or the Notification Center. Choose the Lock Screen from the Notification Style and tap on the Notification to Show option. Navigate to the Show Notification but Hide Content option that will apply to all your apps. After completing all the procedures, turn off the screen using the Toggle Off button.

All notifications will be displayed when you unlock your screen, so make sure that your phone is secured with a password, pattern lock, or pin before applying this feature.

3. Display And Hide Unwanted Apps On Your Phone

Android phones come with many preinstalled apps by various manufacturers that you don’t even need. Some apps show unnecessary notifications now and then, which seems annoying to everyone. And the worst part is you can’t install these apps and converse unnecessary space on your phone that causes the performance of your phone.

But the good news is you can display and hide these apps just by using your phone setting just in a few steps. Navigate the Settings and choose the Apps option from the portal displayed. Choose the See Apps to see the list of installed apps and tap on the apps that you don’t want to display on your screen. And if you don’t want any notification from these apps, tap on the Notification and Toggle it Off. You can also disable these apps by clicking on the app and tapping on the Force Stop and Disable option.

4. Explore Developer Options

This is one of the best android settings that you must explore for a better experience and find something new. Though the Developer Option might be intended for the developers, every individual can also access this setting. Using this setting, you can tweak the animation speed to make your phone feel the speed. You can fake your GPS location and set a mock location, and you can enable USB debugging to send commands from the computer to your android phone. All these features can be navigated from the phone’s settings, where you will find a Developer Option at the bottom.

5. Rotate The Home Screen

You can rotate your screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa within an app, but what if you can rotate your home screen in the same manner? Well, this can happen by following just a few simple steps on your home screen. Long press on the home screen and go to the settings. There you will get an Allow Home Screen Rotation or Auto Rotation option at the bottom that you need to enable. Come out of the settings, and you will find that your screen rotates from portrait mode to landscape mode.

Bottom Line

These are some of the amazing android settings you must try for a better experience with your smartphone. There are some more features that are hidden or even not explored but above are some of the best settings that help to protect your privacy, stop unnecessary apps, disable the preinstalled apps, and some settings for fun. Our recommendation is that you should explore more and more because you might be unaware of several features of Android. For More Guides And Tricks Visit

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