5 Best Smartphone Keyboard Settings That’ll Supercharge your Android typing

5 Best Smartphone Keyboard Settings That’ll Supercharge your Android typing: The keyboard of a smartphone is an essential part of the device for a smooth experience. The default keyboard settings that come with our smartphones are very normal and slow. There are a variety of other third-party keyboard apps for smartphones that are fun to use. It increases your speed and efficiency in typing, communication, etc. These settings not only give smartphones and your typing experience a new look and feel but also make the most effective use of your device.

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Some companies have scaled up their built-in keyboard with plenty of customization. When used correctly, they can enhance one’s typing experience. So here are some ways by which you can improve the keyboard settings with ease and convenience.

5 Best Smartphone Keyboard Settings

Try these smartphone keyboard settings to enhance the look and feel of your smartphone.

1. Change The Size Of Your Keyboard

If the very small or big size of the keyboard is your problem, then you can easily upsize or downsize the keyboard for your convenience. It also becomes a problem when you have small fingers or large fingers, and it becomes difficult to type on the keyboard. Let us see how you can do the settings:

Step No 1: Go to Settings on your smartphone.

Step No 2: Go to Display or search on the search bar at the top.

Step No 3: Select Full-Screen Display.

Step No 4: Or, if it’s a full-screen display, you can disable the setting for smaller display size.

Now you can enjoy a better keyboard display by enabling this option. You can even deselect the option if a bigger display and keyboard bother you.

2.  Enable Glide Typing On Your Smartphone

Enabling Glide Typing on your smartphones is the coolest and the most convenient setting on your keyboard. You can type anything just by gliding through words, and the word will be typed. If you are using a Gboard, the following steps must be followed.

Step No 1: Open Message, WhatsApp, or any type in which you require the need of a keyboard.

Step No 2: Go to the Settings menu of the Gboard.

Step No 3: Enable Glide Typing by turning on the toggle.

Step No 4: You can enable all options under it, such as enable and show gesture trail and gesture cursor control for ease of use.

Glide typing is a fun way to type, which enables swifter typing, saving a lot of time.

3. Change The Keyboard Format

If you find the current format of your keyboard inconvenient and time-consuming, you can change the setting to suit your preference by the following steps.

Step No 1: Go to the app where the G keyboard opens.

Step No 2: Go to Preferences

Step No 3: Now, you can select the Number row, which shows the number row in QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY layouts.

Step No 4: You can also select keyboard height according to your preference.

Changing the keyboard format can help you with the ease of typing and reaching certain words present on the keyboard.

4. Enable Floater Keyboard On Your Smartphone

Enabling a floater keyboard on your smartphone is another cool way to type at your convenience. Let us see how it is done.

Step No 1: Go to the app where the G keyboard opens

Step No 2: Tap on the three dots placed at the right corner of the keyboard.

Step No 3: Select Floating Keyboard from the given menu.

Now you can see a floating keyboard on your app, which you can pin at any position based on your convenience.

5. Change The Theme Of Your Smartphone’s Keyboard

If you are bored by looking at your smartphone’s current monotonous keyboard, you can change it with the available options, which involve simple steps.

Step No 1: Open your G keyboard or Gboard.

Step No 2: Tap on the three dots placed on the right side of the keyboard.

Step No 3: Choose Themes from the menu.

Step No 4: When you tap on the themes section, you can select from landscapes, colours, systems, light gradients, and dark gradients from the menu. The options that you choose show up in the background of the keyboard.

Seeing a colourful themed keyboard will cheer up your mood if you are bored from continuously using the same monotonous black and white theme that comes inbuilt with the keyboard.


Once in a while, we feel the need to change our keyboard settings when we feel bored or dull. Most of us have different preferences and tastes, which we apply to our smartphones as well. Thanks to the customization options that are present on the keyboard, one can change its settings to suit its needs and liking. For More Guides And Tricks Visit Ski 2 Champoluc.

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