BGMI Redeem Codes Today (#January 31, 2023) Latest Working Codes, Redemption Sites

BGMI Redeem Codes Today (#January 31, 2023) Latest Working Codes, Redemption Sites: If you are a shooter game lover, then you must be crazy about playing PUBG. When PUBG was banned in India, many of its players got desperate.

bgmi redeem codes today

But after looking at the people’s craze for PUBG, Crafton released its new part, which is known as BGMI, the official battleground mobile India, only available for Indian gamers.

The full form of BGMI is BattleGround Mobile India Game, and it’s becoming popular in India.

Recently it’s heard that it is again banned in India by the government, and now it is not available on the play store, and you can’t download it.

But, if you have downloaded it before and it is available on your mobile, then you can play it by accessing premium features as well as using Free BGMI redeem code.

BGMI is a multiplayer game where you have to survive yourself, and for survival, you need too many weapons and protection shields.

And these all types of equipment can be purchased only if you have unknown cash, which is known as BGMI UC.

So, there is an option which is known as BGMI redeem code where you can get these UC codes and many rewards including free skins as well.

What Is BGMI Redeem Codes?

What Is BGMI Redeem Codes

Although we have already discussed that to play and survive the BGMI game, you need survival or other types of equipment, and for this, you need UV, which is not possible to buy for everyone as it is costly to buy.

But, there is a solution available by which we can easily use all those tools, and the name of this is BGMI redeem codes.

By using these codes, you can use all those things for free for which you have to pay; you can buy weapons, skin emotes, and in-game currency.

You can also buy costumes and new characters, or you can collect live. So, here we will discuss all the redeem codes which you can apply to get all these things.

3 Quick Ways To Get BGMI Redeem Codes

There are many ways to get the battleground mobile India code or BGMI codes, so here we will discuss some simplest ways by which you can redeem the codes.

1.  You can find various platforms that are providing the list of free BGMI codes or battleground mobile India coupon codes.

Like here, we have provided 100% free BGMI redeem codes which will be beneficial for you. And to get the real reward, you have to visit the official BGMI redemption website that is, where you have to enter the code, and it will get redeemed.

2. The second way you can get these BGMI coupon codes are through Amazon or other online stores, but there you have to pay some amount.

And as per the above-given steps, you have to visit the official website of BGMI and enter the redeem code, and you will be eligible to get various of its facilities.

3.  Other options to collect rewards or free BGMI Code are using third-party applications that ask you to complete some tasks in exchange for cash, points, or redeem code.

Further, you can either buy the BGMI redeem codes after earning from there or can redeem the BGMI code if they offer you to do some activities there.

List Of Latest BGMI Redeems Codes For Free

List Of Latest BGMI Redeems Codes For Free

Here we will talk about some redeem codes that can be used while playing the game, all the codes available here are enabled, and through this, you can get all the kits and awards related to it.

We have listed all the codes after analyzing them.

  • JJCZCDZJ9U: Golden Pan
  • MIDASBUY-COM: Free rename card
  • TIFZBHZK4A: Legendary Outfit
  • GPHZDBTFZM32U: Gun Skin (UMP9)
  • KARZBZYTR: Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
  • SD71G84FCC: AKM Skin
  • SD33Z66XHH: SCAR-L Gun Skin
  • R89FPLM9S: Free Companion
  • S78FTU2XJ: New Skin (M31A4)
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U: M416 Skin (First 5000 users)
  • UKUZBZGWF: Free Fireworks
  • 5FG71D33: Falcon
  • 5FG81D44: Outfit

Battlegrounds Mobile India Redeem Code January 31, 2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India Redeem Code

The BGMI game is one of the first games released after the PUBG ban in the last year. There is a lot of confusion around the issue but hopefully you’re getting a good idea of how the game works.

It is the most widely played online game. Before starting BGMI, all BGMI members participating in the preregistration procedure should be recognized.

But if you haven’t registered, you won’t receive a costume, reward, UC, free rename card, or free fireworks. Players who have logged into BGMI can also get BGMI redeem codes today. Check BGMI MM4 Royale Pass, check Freefire redeem code.

In this list, you will find the codes which were published on January 31, 2023.

Code Awards
DKJU5LMBPY Silver Fragments
BBVNZBZ4M9 Football and Chicken Popularity
BBKRZBZBF9 Free Cannon Popularity
UCBYSD600 600 UC
DKJU9GTDSM Thousand Silver Fragments
VETREL2IMHX Bumble Bee Set
RNUZBZ9QQ Any Random Outfit
LEVKIN2QPCZ Gold Racer Set
TQIZBZ76F Motor Vehicle Skin
EKJONARKJO M41 Gun Skin (For 1st 500 users)
TJXFTNLZMYS Assassin Bottom/ Suit
7HVKDSKFAWEK Unknown Rewards
MIDASBUY Free Rename and Room Card
BMTCZBZMFS Pretty in Pink Headpiece
Pretty in Pink Set
BOBR3IBMT Desert Ranger Set
BBKVZBZ6FW Two Red Tea Popularity
SIWEST4YLXR Assassin Suit or Bottom

BGMI Redeem Code Today For UC January 31, 2023 Battleground Mobile redeem coupon

BGMI Redeem Code Today For UC Battleground Mobile redeem coupon

The Battleground Mobile India redeem code will be able to be scanned and pasted from these pages. Battle ground Mobile India is recognizable so most people prefer BGMI.

BGMI pre-registration began in May 2021 and is currently being released on 10 July 2021. Players will also have the ability to maintain profiles and reward points earned in mobile PUBG games.

This Battle ground Mobile India redemption code will be available on our website. Various BGMI rewards and redemptions are available through the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

  • HAL696HMTW9M8G5V
  • 9AXT6X9DVL1HAT36
  • 345DDBD209L124AS
  • CY282BKNDOZLT743
  • JM0GY87U5F0VE9JK
  • 8KW0L536HEK6ZAJK
  • CUJF3N28F9WK97HG
  • 8ENNB044910XR3YZ
  • 15S86GNV8YCXAS04
  • 5ZZ7P66Z6UWUXVA5
  • 93TLXWL11BU214JC
  • 85WL5ZH69XNPPX8N
  • 0HNY3C5HZU4AGJ66
  • 5MYK43Y3RA3TL59A
  • 33F69EJ75JKM3G98

BGMI Redeem Code Today 2 September 2022 (Rs 75, 380) | Battle Ground Mobile India Free UC Redeem code

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is a fascinating game with very little to do in introducing it as a lot of children can play it.

The product is easily accessible in the Android Playstore. It can be purchased free. There is a new mobile game called Battle Ground Mobile India that was a preregistration event in India and had an impressive response.

It can be useful for all BGMI players as it contains the complete details of the upcoming BGMi Free User Code.

KC1HFY59GU9P4UNB – Rs 75 –January 31, 2023

LEVKIN2QPCZ Crate Coupon
TQIZBZ76F Limited Time Vehicle Skin 453 Users only
JW6S262I8WHH2G2 Silver fragments
DKJU9GTDSM Silver fragments for First 50K Users Today
GOGIJ2UN2X 1000 Silver Fragments
WPX0ZHW1OV Redeem code for Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
YVMEQS294 Motor Vehicle Skin
IPOY8WZRHUD Stealth Brigade Set
GFOPGKEKY9 Leo Set Legendary Outfit
WMJDGLHI8F Legendary Outfit
EENUCECEI2 Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
XFEB9B933 600 UC
EEY89XEC7P2 Free BGMI Football & Chicken Popularity
CEG6HW8TOKS Free Silver Fragments
PLGDVJKBB Get a free rename card & room card
EENYCXEYJKZ 2 Red Tea Popularity
DQDT53DOV Desert Ranger Set
S90GQMN0T Get Free Companion
TJXFTNLZMYS Assassin Suit/ Assassin Bottom
Q1PQADAYW6 Pretty in Pink set
Pretty in Pink Headpiece

Latest BGMI Redeem Codes Today – Redemption Site Fresh Updates

Battlegrounds Mobile India is giving customers an update to its redeemable codes. A current list of redemption codes can be found below.

PUBG India has been named BGMI. All BGMI players are welcome to use this app on their iPhone, Mac or iPad. Read this article for more information on bgmi redemption code – new website.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an expansion to a massively successful Battleground Games franchise based upon Battlefields. Developed for Krafton Inc., the mobile game targets India specifically.

  • EBGURMTDOKS- Gold racer set
  • FET10FCAJ9- UMP 45 Gun skin
  • LEVKIN2QPCZ- Crate coupon
  • DKJU5LMBPY- Silver fragments
  • WU38FC19I- Motor vehicle skin
  • TJXFTNLZMYS- Assassin skin
  • NGXMPL4SREB- Legendary outfit
  • UF53216HEE- AKM glacier skin
  • YI24HP5LQLA- Bumble Bee set
  • TPW0WLBPSS- Golden pan
  • XMEBDXJL1X- Random outfit
  • GMLQPJLZLQ- Stealth Brigade set
  • MCTBDB6TX- Skin (KAR98 sniper)
  • HLJC5HVCN8E- M416 Gun skin (for first 5000 users)
  • ULNBXVFCQUT- Motor vehicle skin
  • U46IHZGP2V- Free companion
  • VSKBGF08H- Free fireworks
  • 3VG49QKBAKT- 3 Motorcycle

BGMI Redeem Code Today January 31, 2023 Battlegrounds Mobile Free Rewards codes

BBM Redeem Code Today. January 31, 2023: BGMI Battlegrounds gives players access to great rewards with redeem codes.

Redeeming codes on BGMI will give you something you need to play hard or spend money. Unless these codes are used within a specified period you’re losing your opportunity. You can redeem these codes by visiting BGMi redemption center.

BGMI Code Rewards
TJXFTNLZMYS Assassin Suit/ Bottom
LEVKIN2QPCZ Racer Set (Gold)
DKJU9GTDSM 1000 Silver Fragments
EKJONARKJO Redeem code for First (5000 Users) M416 Gun Skins
VETREL2IMHX Bumble Bee Set
TQIZBZ76F Motor Vehicle Skin
TIFZBHZK4A Legendary Outfit
RNUZBZ9QQ Random Outfit
KARZBZYTR Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
ZADROT5QLHP Stealth Brigade Set
BBKTZEZET3 Leo Set Legendary Outfit
TIFZBHZK4A Legendary Outfit
BBKRZBZBF9 Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
UCBYSD600 600 UC
SD16Z66XHH SCAR-L Gun Skin
BBVNZBZ4M9 Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
DKJU5LMBPY Free Silver Fragments
MIDASBUY Get a free rename card & room card
BBKVZBZ6FW 2 Red Tea Popularity
BOBR3IBMT Desert Ranger Set
R89FPLM9S Get Free Companion
SIWEST4YLXR Assassin Suit/ Assassin Bottom
BMTCZBZMFS Pretty in Pink set
Pretty in Pink Headpiece
7HVKDSKFAWEK Secret rewards

How To Redeem (Battlegrounds Mobile India) BGMI Redeem Codes?

BGMI codes can only be redeemed from the official website of Battlegrounds on the redemption center page. Here we have mentioned the whole process by applying which can redeem these codes easily, so let’s check it and follow the instructions:

  • Visit, which is the official website of battleground mobile India.
  • After that, you have to search for the option redeem, which is available at the top of the screen on the BGMI Redemption center.
  • Click on it, and a new page will open on the front of the screen.
  • Now you have to enter the available redeem code copied from above or get it from another source.
  • After that, the page will ask you to enter the captcha, just solve it.
  • Finally, you have to click on the submit button, and you will see that after completing the process, the reward is added to your BGMI game wallet.


Where can BGMI redeem codes be redeemed?

BGMI redeem code can only be redeemed on the official website of BGMI. Go through Battleground Mobile India - BGMI Redeeming Centre. When you reach your redemption page, provide all the required information such as the BGMI number, redeem code, verification code.

What is the official website of BGMI?

The official website of BGMI website is

Can the BGMI codes be redeemed multiple times?

Sadly, No! The code can be redeemed only once by the user. After that, it expires.

What is the meaning of ‘Redemption limit reached’ in Battle Grounds Mobile India?

‘Redemption limit reached’ on Battle Grounds Mobile India means that the limit of the code has been exceeded and is of no further use. You can try another code in this case.

When does the BGMI redeem codes expire?

The BGMI codes expire once it has been used by any user. If you use the code to redeem, it will not work.

How often do the BGMI Redemption codes get published?

BGMI-free codes get published on a daily basis. You have to keep checking the third-party websites regularly so that you do not miss out on getting the codes as early as possible.

Does the official website of BGMI give out free codes?

The official website of BGMI gives out free codes to redeem only when an event is scheduled.

Can I get a Royal Pass through these codes?

Using the above-mentioned codes, you can get your hands on the Royal pass and can also claim free prizes.

Is PUBG and BGMI same?

Since February 2014 BGMI has been raised as one of its main rivals to PUBG. In the so-called new avatar the BGMI is similar to PUBG and Tencent still controls it. July 29 2022.

How Can I download BGMI?

The BGMI games will not be accessible from the official Android apps store of the Google Play store or Apple Store for download by users. Nevertheless the game server is still active and users using a Smartphone can still use this game. August 2 2020.

Is there any redemption centre for Bgmi?

Krafton hasn't established any BGMI redemption centers yet. Like with PUBG Mobile, Krafton is not currently creating a redemption center in Battleground Mobile India. While some of these redemption codes can be obtained from PUBG Mobile, these can only be redeemed in BGMI stores.

What is Redeem code?

Redeem code refers to the electronic code used to earn gift cards, UC points, Battle Points & More. The Royal pass BGMI redemption code means the electronic code necessary to receive a discount for gifts. For this you must have a BGMI ID. You should login on your BGMI account and redeem code.

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All the important codes and the process to use BGMI redeem codes we have detailed in this article to get exclusive rewards.

Hope it will help you to get the royale pass, elite pass, silver coins, new skins, free outfit, and other codes easily.

The code we have mentioned here is free to get the features and rewards from this game, but that is not the end of the point.

There are also unlimited BGMI codes available over the internet, which can be helpful for you to save money.

You have to keep a tab on third-party websites to get your hands on BGMI free codes before anyone else, as it expires once used by any other user. For More Free Codes & Hack Visit Ski2Champoluc.

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