Thursday 19 December to Monday 23 December 2013

Ski 2 Racing, in association with Snowsport England and the Ski School Champoluc, are pleased to announce the launch of their Ski 2 Winter Games.


racing5 days of racing, training and fun for U14, U12 and U10 athletes, ending with an U14 BASS Slalom (stubbies), U14 BASS GS and a Slalom (stubbies) and GS for U12’s and U10’s. Training and racing will take place mornings and afternoons as well as some exciting floodlit night time racing.

Training: There are 3 days of training for GS, Slalom, Jumps, Combi and Speed Skiing. During training, athlete’s performance will be judged and points awarded. These points will be combined with points awarded for racing and will count towards prizes.

Racing: There will be a series of ‘fun’ races. Combi, Speed Skiing, Floodlit Cross Country and a night time dual slalom and parent’s race. Points for these races will be combined with the training points and will count towards prizes.

Sunday 22 December: U14 BASS Slalom (stubbies) U12 and U10 Slalom (stubbies)

Monday 23 December: U14 BASS GS. U12 and U10 GS

Athletes are invited to attend with either their own coaches or can train and race with Ski 2 Racing coaches or Italian Maestri. Athletes can also choose to either participate in the 5 day ‘Winter Games’ or just enter the races on the Sunday and / or Monday.

Further details to follow.

Champoluc has an excellent pre-Christmas snow record. All races (conditions permitting) will be held on the FIS homologated Del Monte piste. The finish area is at 1,980m and has excellent spectator areas and bar/restaurant facilities.

Champoluc is part of the famous Monterosa Ski Area, with 3 valleys of extensive on and off piste ski-ing. Getting there is easy, by road just 1½hrs south of Mont Blanc Tunnel or airports at either Geneva, Milan or Turin.

Contact Simon for more information.



Ski Racing Classes

NEW FOR 2013 / 2014 ……
We will now be running ski racing classes on selected weeks, aimed at youngsters who are out on holiday with us and who can ski very strong parallel. This course runs from Monday to Saturday inclusive from 1000 to 1500 hours each day (including supervision over lunchtime)


Each course will involve a combination of fast free skiing, skills and technique and some race training around poles and is open to those aged 9 and above. Those wishing to take part must pre-book and pre-pay in the usual way, but will be subject to an assessment on the first morning of the course. Any youngsters deemed not to be up to the standard required, will be able to ski with our usual Kids Ski School and offered a refund of the difference in price.

These courses will be run by local Italian race coaches, all of whom have an excellent command of the English language and have a proven record in training youngsters to international race standard.

Ski racing classes will run on the following dates: Monday 30th December 2013, Monday 17th February 2014, Monday 31st March 2014, Monday 7th April 2014 and Monday 14th April 2014.


Ski 2 in Champoluc 2013 Season Video

We are delighted with our new promotional video aimed at those looking to travel with Ski 2 for the first time.  Thank you to all those Ski 2 guests who agreed to appear in the video – see you at the Oscars!

The Italian Alps – A Great Ski Destination

As the 2013 ski season draws to a close, Champoluc in the Italian Alps remains a great alternative to pricey French resorts when booking your winter sports getaway for the next season.

With many household budgets under strain, and French resorts among the more expensive options for skiing enthusiasts, Italy has been making more and more headlines as a way to get great conditions on-piste, with competitive prices off-piste.

If you love the excitement of winter sports, but you’re not a fan of the cold weather, Champoluc’s mountain restaurants can keep you well supplied with hot drinks, at prices you might not expect to find in an Alpine ski resort.

A hot chocolate with cream can cost as little as €2.70 – that’s about £2.30 at current exchange rates – while other hot and cold drinks are often even cheaper. You can buy a caffe latte for €2.50, a cappuccino for €1.50, an Americano for €1.20 and, if you want some cold refreshment, a bottle of sparkling water for €1.50.

These are all real prices from Champoluc’s mountain restaurants this season, and Italian Alps ski resorts’ consistent pricing in years gone by suggests that they’re unlikely to rise by much for 2014. In terms of hot food, you again have plenty of options, even if you’re on a tight budget.

A classic British favourite, you can get a portion of chips for as little as €3.00, while €5.00 will buy you a filled panino, a hot dog or a cheeseburger. For €8.00 you can get an Italian take on another British classic, fish and chips, while €5.00 will get you a tasty dessert in the form of a crepe with fruit and cream.

While the prices may be more competitive than you’d find in many parts of the French Alps, skiing in Champoluc does not mean having to compromise by making the move to Italy for your 2014 winter sports holiday. The Italian Alps remains a great ski destination.




Simone Origone – The Fastest Skier in the World

The current world record for skiing is 251.4 km/h (156 mph) and is held by Simone Origone. Simone was born in Aosta in 1979 and now lives in Champoluc, working in the valley as a ski instructor and mountain guide.

Speed skiers regularly exceed 200 km/h (125 mph) and wear dense foam fairings on their lower legs and aerodynamic helmets to increase streamlining. Their ski suits are normally made from air-tight latex, or could have a polyurethane coating to reduce wind resistance. Most only give minimal protection in case of a crash.

Ski 2 were delighted to have Simone teach at the Ski 2 ski school for a week this season. He spent last week in Les Arcs trying to break his record. We are proud to be one of his sponsors.