Champoluc Woodland Sculpture Trail

champoluc woodlandAt just 2 miles long this lovely flat circular walk can easily be done in under an hour even with little ones. Plus, if you are staying at Hotel California, Le Petit Tournalin or Le Campagnol it’s right on your doorstep. If you are starting from Champoluc centre we recommend starting by heading up the private road next to the Penguin Club as this way around you get the sun on your back at the start of the walk and save the magical sculptures, which are usually in a bit of shade, until last.

The directions here start and end at the Thermal Spa by the main carpark at the end of the village as it’s nice and easy for everyone to find:

Facing the spa look left and cross over the road bridge, on your right you’ll see a private road, ‘strada privata’, at the top of it there is a large stone house with a pretty garden, this is our Ski 2 Penguin Club for the tots during your stay. Head straight up the road and keep going up the valley with the River Ayasse on your right. After 10-15 minutes you’ll see Frachey over the river and the funicular going up the mountain. A few minutes later cross the wooden bridge, don’t forget to pause and look at the view up the valley!

Take the path back down the river and through the woods on the other side (behind the bus stop), you can’t miss it and the sunlight through the trees is enchanting. Here you’ll pass behind the Hotel California and Le Petit Tournalin, and start to spot the wooden sculptures.

More sculptures appear every year and the woodland creatures, cheeky faces and fairies are sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. You’ll pop out next to the thermal spa, and from here you can walk straight down the road, which takes you back to Ski 2 office, where you can tell us what fun you’ve had. If you have really young kids with you, you could always just do a short there and back through the sculptures!

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