Coronavirus Updates

Updated: 13:00 on Wednesday 17th June 2020

We have now added another page on our website for up to date information about the ongoing effects of Coronavirus on future ski holidays. Click here.

Updated: 07:00 on Thursday 12th March 2020

Italy has overnight placed further restrictions on its residents and businesses in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. For those with flights booked for Easter, your airline will already have been in touch to say that your flights has been cancelled, or they are likely to do this very soon (airlines are currently unable to land at any airports in Italy). At the point that they cancelled your flight, you will be offered a full refund.

We are asking clients to contact their travel insurance provider to check whether their policy might cover the cancellation of their holiday, but please rest assured that we do have ultimate responsibility to make sure that you are not ‘out of pocket’ for any monies paid to us for your holiday.

Updated: 12:00 on Tuesday 10th March 2020

We are currently contacting all of our customers who were due to travel in the coming weeks. Please do call us on 01962 713330 or email if you require our assistance.

Please email us if you require documentation for your insurance company.

Updated: 09:00 on Tuesday 10th March 2020

The FCO now advises against all but essential travel to anywhere in Italy due to an ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19). We understand that airlines have cancelled all flights to Milan and Turin until the end of March and are offering refunds to those who have flights booked. For those with flights booked for April, we anticipate that the airlines will be in touch with you in the coming days to confirm that they have cancelled your flights and that a refund will be available.

Updated: 15:00 on Monday 9th March 2020

The FCO now advises against all but essential travel to a number of areas in northern Italy, due to an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) and various control and isolation measures imposed by the Italian authorities on 8th March. This includes Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Milan Bergamo airports.

We understand that insurance companies are now looking favourably on claims for any cancellation charges incurred as as a result of this travel ban. We can supply Cancellation Invoices and any other paperwork in order to support your claim.

Updated: 08:00 on Monday 9th March 2020

It is with much sadness that we are writing to inform you that the Italian authorities have now closed the Monterosa ski area for the rest of the winter, in an effort to halt Coronavirus. All ski resorts in the Aosta Valley are now closed and we understand that all ski resorts in Italy are due to close in the next 48 hours.

After 20 years in Champoluc building our business in Champoluc, we have faced a few big challenges, but Simon and I never dreamed that we would be in a position where our operation would close a month before the end of the winter. We know how much you were all looking forward to time with family and friends in Champoluc, enjoying the great snow, fun and friendship that Easter skiing always brings.

We have been working with our suppliers in the resort during this difficult time and we would like to offer you the opportunity to postpone your holiday to next March / April. We would agree with you a new travel date and hold your money over to 2021. We believe that most airlines are offering the opportunity to postpone flights to a later date, so you should be able to delay your travel until your new holiday dates.

As you will appreciate, we had many hundreds of clients still due to travel over the coming weeks and we will be very busy for the next couple of weeks dealing with the aftermath of this situation. Please do bear with us whilst we work with everyone to assist them. We are aiming to do this by date order of those due to travel, starting with those who were planning to travel later this week.

You may also want to make contact with your travel insurance company to ask for their advice in making a claim for the cost of your holiday if you would prefer not to postpone it.

Thank you for all the messages of support from many of our regular clients that we have received during these exceptional times.

Updated: 09:00 on Sunday 8th March 2020

Overnight Italy has placed anyone living in Lombardy under quarantine as it aims to contain the spread of coronavirus. Milan and Venice cities are both affected, although planes and trains are still running. At the current time all 3 Milan airports (Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo) are operating normally this morning.

Champoluc and the Aosta Valley are in the separate region to the west of Lombardy and whilst schools and universities are closed, Champoluc and the surrounding towns in the Aosta valley are not affected by this quarantine.

Currently there has been no change to FCO travel advice, although this could change during today – see link to the right of this text.

There is no problem for clients to change their travel arrangements if they wish to. Those due to fly in to Milan may want to consider contacting their airline with the aim of switching their flights to Turin or Geneva, or indeed to travel from the UK by car – click here for more details. We offer an £80 per adult discount for those choosing to self-drive. If you do change your flights, please just email the new flight details through to any member of our team and we will swap your transfer arrangements – there is no charge for this.

Clients due to travel in the coming weeks and considering making changes to their travel plans should be aware of our Booking Conditions and cancellation charges which apply and increase closer to the travel date. We very much hope that everyone will be able to travel as planned and we look forward to seeing you in Champoluc in the coming weeks. If you did decide that you were unable to travel, please email to confirm this in writing (We will take the date of cancellation as the day that we receive your email).

Updated: 11:00 on Friday 6th March 2020

There is no change to our advice detailed below. Champoluc and the Monterosa ski are both open as usual and fresh snow overnight has created some great skiing conditions. Clients due to travel in the coming weeks and considering making changes to their travel plans should be aware of our Booking Conditions and cancellation charges which increase closer to the travel date.

Speaking at a recent press conference the Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, in answer to a the question about whether travellers should be cancelling their holidays replied ….. “At the moment the virus outbreaks are across Europe and across most of the world in some form or other”. He continued “Once the epidemic is everywhere, then at that point restricting travel makes no difference at all. At the moment we are certainly not recommending any change to behaviours in relation to that and if it grows in the UK it doesn’t really make sense to say you are more at risk somewhere else than you are here.”

We understand that some employers and schools are are requiring employees or employees to ‘self-quarantine’ for 14 days if they travel to Italy or Europe over Easter. This does contradict government advice which suggests you should self-quarantine only if you subsequently suffer flu-like symptoms.

Updated: 16:45 on Thursday 5th March 2020

The closure of Italian schools and universities began today and will currently operate until 18th March. This new initiative from the Italian government has no effect on the rest of the infrastructure in Italy which continues to function normally. There are currently no suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the Ayas Valley, where Champoluc is situated. We continue to welcome clients to Champoluc and skiing conditions have been improved further by another fall of snow overnight.

Updated: 10:30 on Thursday 5th March 2020

It has now been confirmed that all schools and universities in Italy are to close until mid-March 2020 in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. All transport hubs and networks continue to operate as normal, including the 3 airports in Milan, Turin and Geneva.

Clients travelling with FlyBE will now be aware that the airline has ceased trading and cancelled all flights. Please advise us of your new flights once you have booked them so that we can rearrange transfers for you.

Updated: 13:45 on Wednesday 4th March 2020

News reports this afternoon say that all schools and universities in Italy are to close until mid-March 2020 in an effort to halt the spread of the virus, although this is yet to be confirmed. All transport hubs and networks continue to operate as normal, including the 3 airports in Milan, Turin and Geneva.

In the event of you being unable to travel to Champoluc because the Foreign Office deem it to be ‘unsafe’ or the Italian government declare the area out of bounds, then we understand that your wintersports insurance will cover any cancellation charges that may apply – click here to visit the website of the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Updated: 08:55 on Wednesday 4th March 2020

We understand that there have been no more deaths as a result of Coronavirus in Italy in the past 24 hours. Please see below for our previous advice which still stands.

Please feel free to call one of our team on 01962 713330 if would like any advice about a future Ski 2 holiday booking.

Updated: 07:43 on Monday 2nd March 2020

We understand that some of our clients, due to travel to Italy in the coming weeks, will be concerned by information about Coronavirus provided in the press and Social Media. Just to reassure you that we are taking ongoing advice from our trade association ABTA and from the Foreign Office and continue to monitor the situation.

At the current time there are no restrictions on travel to the region in which Champoluc is situated. But we will, of course, keep our customers up to date with advice from the authorities. Once you have travelled on your ski holiday, the sensible advice from the government is to self-isolate if you were to suffer flu-like symptoms on your return and to seek medical advice (this advice only refers to those who suffer any symptoms on their return, re-confirmed recently by Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care).

All of the airports that we provide transfers from and to are operating normally (this includes Milan Malpensa, Turin, Milan Linate, Milan Bergamo and Geneva) and the resort of Champoluc are fully open and all are operating as normal. Passengers arriving at any Italian airport can expect to have their temperature checked by health workers, a precautionary measure that has been in place since the end of January.

We are aware of reports in the press that airlines have been ‘cancelling flights to some areas including Italy’. We understand that the airlines are just consolidating flights in the next few weeks because of lower demand to certain parts of the world, mainly from business travellers and those who might normally book last minute but are choosing not to travel. There is no suggestion that the airlines are cancelling flights at the moment because of any safety concerns.

At the moment there are no cases, nor suspicion of cases, of Coronavirus in the Valle d’Aosta – confirmed to us by a recent email from the regional health authority. The 11 Italian towns that our currently reported in the press to be on ‘lockdown’ are over 3 hours’ drive from Champoluc.

Our Booking Conditions currently apply to those who might choose to make amendments to their bookings.

Please feel free to call our office on 01962 713330 during office hours (Monday to Friday 0900-1700 hours and Saturday 0900-1200 to chat to one of our staff to discuss your booking.