How To Get Discord Nitro Codes For Free (#January 31, 2023) Generator & Methods

How To Get Discord Nitro Codes For Free (#January 31, 2023) Generator & Methods: If you are looking to upgrade your Discord Nitro experience to the next level with Free Discord Nitro Codes, then you are in the right place. Be sure that the core features of Discord will always stay free, like group calling, making multiple servers, and various other fun stuff, or either cost negligible.

how to get discord nitro codes for free

But there are some advanced features that can enhance your Discord videos, audio, and text chat with some awesome perks. To enjoy these features, you need to subscribe to their monthly plan, which may cost up to $10.

To avoid these expenses, you can use free Discord Nitro codes to get benefited from all the features.

Below are some best tips to find these free discord Nitro codes online, but before that, let’s find out the features of Discord Nitro.

Best Features Of Discord Nitro App

Discord offers two variations called Classic and Nitro, where Classic is the younger brother of Discord Nitro.

You will find all the basic features, such as you are free to choose Discord tags and increasing your file uploading capacity up to 50MB. Additionally, you can upload your animated avatar, and it offers high-quality videos with 720p @30fps or 1080p @60fps.

Discord Nitro Classic also provides easy screen sharing with the feature of live streaming.

Talking Discord Nitro, then it includes all the features of Nitro classic with extra uploading power. You can upload a 100MB file just in one go and provide two server boosts that are absent in the Classic.

You can also run high-resolution videos, which are better in Nitro and make easy screen sharing and live streaming.

But features in Nitro are highly expensive and can cost a minimum of up to $10, which may increase further. Fortunately, there are free Discord Nitro codes that you can use for a free trial to enjoy all the features.

Best Ways To Get Discord Nitro Code For Free

Youtube Premium Subscription

YouTube and Discord have collaborated to provide three months of a free trial of the premium features of Nitro. But there are some terms and conditions that you need to follow before subscribing to the premium version of YouTube to get free discord nitro code.

  • This feature is only for people in Australia, France, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Britain, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States.
  • You are not eligible if you have subscribed to YouTube’s three months trial of the Premium version. And second, it is important to enabling the e-mail marketing feature on YouTube to get free codes.
  • You will be unable to claim the free Discord Nitro Codes if you have subscribed to the YouTube Premium version multiple times. This offer is only for absolutely new subscribers who are fresh and never used the Premium version.

Steps to Claim Free Discord Nitro Codes Through YouTube Premium

  • First, you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium if you have never used it once in your life. You need to go to YouTube and subscribe with the minimum eligibility requirement.
  • Second, log in to the e-mail connected to YouTube and find the promotional mail where you will get the Discord Nitro code link.
  • Click on the link through which you will be directed to the new portal. After reading all the terms and conditions, click on the ‘Get 3 Months Free’ option.
  • After completing the procedure, log in to your Discord account, where you will find a message ‘You accepting this gift as (your username)’ flashing on your screen.
  • Once you click on the ‘Accept Gift’ option, you will need to add payment details. Don’t worry; this is a temporary charge of $1 by Discord that is refundable.

Discord Nitro Gift Codes Generator

The second way you can get the free Discord Nitro code is through the Discord Nitro gift code generator. Several websites and bloggers are available online that provide free codes just in a few steps.

  • You just need to visit those websites (discord nitro generator) and click on the link that is provided on their web page.
  • The link will direct you to the new tab where you will find the multiple monthly subscriptions to choose the free Discord Nitro code.
  • Choose one, wait for the server to discover the new codes, and let it test first to find the working codes.
  • At last, it will show you the Discord Nitro gift card number and ask you to solve some easy verification steps just to prove you are not a robot.

You will also need to fulfill specific tasks like installing the app on your device to complete the procedure. And once you have completed the procedure, you will get free nitro codes without human verification.

Find Someone Who Can Gift Unused Nitro Codes

Sometimes Discord offers free Discord Gift codes for people who don’t need them. If possible, contact your friends or family members who can gift these codes to you this month or in the upcoming months.

Or several players are available on social media sites who are ready to give away their redeem codes for Discord. So, keep on searching on social media, and surely you will get someone who is ready to share their discord nitro codes.

Access Discord Nitro Free Trial

The ways you can get the Free Discord Nitro Codes are limited and found very rare. Fortunately, the Discord team releases a Nitro free trial occasionally, which can last up to three months.

Whenever this offer comes, Discord notifies all the users in the community. If you don’t find any notification, you must go to the Discord Nitro in the User settings under the Billing setting.

It might be possible that you must miss the notification, so it’s a good idea to check. by using this method you can be able to get free discord nitro codes.

Discord Nitro Partner Program

Be on the lookout for possible YouTube or Twitch partnerships, as there are versions of this partnership available on Discord too! These partnerships reward the best communities and help you get Free Discord Nitro for your server. Becoming a partner is not easy and will require you to satisfy certain qualifications.

Discord will be looking into a number of factors to decide if your server should qualify for the partnership program. These factors include any moderation you’ve done, engagement, quality of content, and more.

  1. Go to Server Settings and then select Enable Community.
  2. In there, click on Get Started.
  3. Here you will need to verify your email and account settings. Once both safety checks are tallied, you can press “Next.”
  4. For your community server, you will need two channels. One for rules and guidelines, and another one for community updates. You can set these up through the easy-to-follow instructions in this guide.
  5. The last step is for the settings, which can be enabled or disabled. Once you click Finish on them, you will have an option to agree that you understand these settings.

With this, you can also create a community server. Alongside this, there will be new tabs in the Server Settings menu- Server Insights and Partner Program. To be considered for partnership, you’ll need to have Server Insights active.

Epic Games Offers Discord Nitro (3 Months) For Free

Update: Discord Nitro from the Epic Games Store is no longer available because the Epic Games Store event has concluded.

Here’s How You Can Claim it:

  1. Visit the Discord Nitro store page on the Epic Games Store site.
  2. Ensure you are logged in and then press the “Get” button.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the free order.
  4. You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to claim your free Discord Nitro for 3 months!

The offer may be available again in the future so stay connected and bookmark this page!

Get Free Discord Nitro Codes With Giveaways

There are ways to get Nitro for free, but you need to be careful. There are plenty of giveaways that advertise massively popular games and promising minor perks such as Nitro. But many servers will disguise themselves as legitimate and offer free stuff with a catch.

Here are some of the servers we found that offer real Nitro giveaways:

In order to enter a giveaway, you must first join the server. There’s no guarantee that you will win, but they will follow the guidelines to declare one or more winners.

List Of Free Discord Nitro Codes List 2022

List Of Free Discord Nitro Codes List 2022

Discord Nitro Code Status
ak32tBys3Lth539S Working
OjVDtUjnMIj2RWLv Working
wr9CtFQcUOWrmdk1 Working
IzcquyYVlGrYMR0F Working
RUXHonjOeZuxWuoF Working
5ct9Z4FWav9FAmUJ Working
vdJsUK2oX9rGVwJW Working
cFEjTtUB0EZRyPjR Working
A09PtB3VUCwpe1tY Expired
lx4dxloG9awVGls8 Working
2kPU7ajqslENso6Q Working
sRRDCOxQcwe0KST9 Working
RjvZFnEfogDHNuNy Expired
evNYxCId6eUhCaB5 Working
42C7qWyq9PjFXuSJ Expired
SFWyqu9NEmaklnYN Expired
k7UPjRkaU7nT1o36 Expired
OCKAoqOkG3FsqqfC Working
cs09oTdGasChzD7z Working
Sr0yLiivGJ3D9Q66 Working
krTuZa5TUhaYmOoG Expired
UmXRP5x7yvavHtyV Expired
M73kVWyM9BkMiEsQ Expired
lnnk8Ii4aomTG5YS Working
FtBKbPrAboWowAnn Working
jgoJLyGAk3kXju24 Working
bgvVBqjtXtfAFvtr Expired
tWlizLMfapSSXhXM Expired
Uk8YuT50OwDf7CCo Working
CiY1RiZGNjrkD4EG Working
Soh2DhzPkKRMEtIk Working
BhHyXhYwM1v1OqIM Working
WVOJ3u4w5QIJyXtH Expired
R7qQCjqPsk0Fh5Ox Working
I8p8qI9TVhADFQRS Working
uQZgyukcnYP4OCTP Working
VakYsayyOxchY1V3 Working
VxLUWO8wsyTbyUxH Working
55DjkLTnqJQjLoSa Expired
fMnjG1W4qSyBAmJr Expired
rEf6YK1BoPaQ8YE7 Expired
y9nsFd9d9XGiYh9Q Working
4F2RFwc4lAmPvsTX Working
eImWwcRwXavboJDn Expired
uXnuUPhV06ySv9jn Working
vMS1ZICEn0j2zy8Z Expired

How To Redeem The Discord Nitro Code?

How To Redeem The Discord Nitro Code

If you are looking to get the solution to redeem your Free Discord Nitro Codes then do check out the guide given below.

  1. Open your Discord account and select ‘Library’ from the left menu at the bottom.
  2. Select ‘Gift Inventory’ from the ‘Library’ through which a new portal will open called ‘Redeem Code.’
  3. A small space will be displayed at the bottom of the ‘Redeem Code’ where you need to enter the 19-digit code that you have claimed.
  4. After entering the code, hit the ‘Redeem’ option to claim the reward.

Free Discord Nitro Codes F.A.Qs

Can you get Discord Nitro for free?

Almost every function, including server setup and user installation, is free. But certain functions and bonuses remain hidden in the barrier. 10 Mbps @ 60fps streaming is available, plus extra Emoji, more uploads and more.

How do I get free nitro code?

YouTube and Discord are now partnering to give three months of Nitro to anybody who subscribes to YouTube. However, there are a few caveats. First, you must be in one of the eligible regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Turkey or US. Then make sure that you enable marketing emails because this is how you get the code for the free Nitro. The last thing is that if you have ever accepted a trial before or are not a first time subscriber then you're not eligible for this offer. To get your Discord Nitro code/link, go to YouTube Premium and subscribe. Once logged into the email connected to YouTube, you will see promotional mails in your inbox, which include a link. One of these links will be for Discord Nitro and will have the duration of 3 months. If you click Accept Gift, it should not make a permanent change on your credit card and just charge it $1 first to verify.

How do you get a 1 month Nitro free?

To get free one month of Discord Nitro, download the Medal app and then run the installer from official website of Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your account. Now you have free nitro code for a month. You can repeat these steps if you want another month as well. This App are available for android and iOS users.

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There are several ways you can choose to pursue a free trial of Discord Nitro and to have the benefits of all the features.

We have provided some of the best methods to find the free Discord Nitro codes that will surely work, along with the list of the latest Discord Nitro Codes for free.

If you are unable to access any live Discord Nitro codes, then you can check out the list that is mentioned above. For More Free Codes & Hack Visit AN1.

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