Free Google Play Redeem Codes Today (#January 31, 2023) ₹20, 30, 50,100 Voucher Gift Cards

Free Google Play Redeem Codes Today (#January 31, 2023) ₹100, 300, 800,1500 Voucher Gift Cards: None of the Android users will say no when they have the chance to get free Google Play redeem codes. It helps users to buy many paid services from Google Play Store without spending real money. Users need the Play store balance to buy and rent movies, get paid games, and take many premium services of the mobile applications. You can add money to your Google Play store wallet from your bank account, credit and debit cards, and also by Google Play Redeem code. In this article, you are going to learn about the Free Google Play Redeem code and how to earn them without cutting your pocket.

free google play redeem codes

What Is The Google Play Redeem Code?

Redeem code is the set of digits made by arranging characters of alphabets and numbers in which a certain amount of money value is assigned with a different denomination. Google Play code helps users to add money to their Google Play balance and to make payments while making a purchase in the app store.

Google Play redeem code is also known as a Google Play gift card because people use this code printed on the card to give to their loved ones as a small gift.

How To Get Free Google Play Redeem Codes?

There are many ways to get your free Google Play redeem code. Let’s check out the various methods to earn the Google Play codes to leverage premium services for free in the App store.

1. From An E-Commerce Sites

Many e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and more give a promotional Google Play redeem code to their customers for purchasing the products or owning any lucky draw coupons launched by the company from time to time.

2. Completing Google Survey

Many companies give the project to Google to survey their product and services. For users who completed the survey, Google rewarded them by giving them a free redeem code.

3. By Installing Apps

Every day thousands of apps are listed on the Play store for promotion & marketing. Companies give rewards to the users who install the app and complete certain tasks for the first time.

4. Watching And Sharing Videos

Many sites and apps provide free Google Play redeem codes as a reward to the user who watches their full videos and shares them on their social media platforms. These videos contain information on specific issues and advertisements stuff.

5. Get Google Play Code From Your Loved Ones

The technical era has changed the way of gifting money to your friends and close ones. Nowadays, instead of sending physical products, people love to give Google Play gift cards as well, in which receivers get the code to make payments while purchasing from the app store. The shared codes must be used within a limited time; otherwise, they can expire.

6. Payment-Making Platforms

People usually pay their rental charges for a house, cooking gas, landline, electricity, internet, and other things with some popular payment app. These apps or sites give their users a Free Google Play Redeem code that can be redeemed on the Google Play store.

7. Games

Many Android applications offer free Google Play redeem codes for playing the games and completing or winning the different levels. In these apps, there are many games like spinning wheels, puzzle games, quizzes, ludo, etc. So, you can hunt for the same to avail yourself of free Google Play redeem codes.

Google Play Store Free Gift Cards January 31, 2023

Any gamer or player can also download the paid items through Google Balance and Google Play Store. If you get a Free Promo Code for the Google Play Store, you can buy any item for free.

Redeem Code Value
6G1B43WEE0NY96E9 Rs. 20
2B94-7RWCT67T8-YUZK Rs. 90
9RBJR01NKGY79MX7 Rs. 100
C77M72V294FTVY4R Rs. 50
GXDN-BTB8-G1C5RT0T6 Rs. 60
JG6S-K8TM-C983-4ERR Rs. 200
ITY7D4BK959V1U6N7 Rs. 10
KY1V-8764-AA8F-2BYX Rs. 40
99LP-UYTG-SSL5-1SKS Rs. 60

Benefits Of The Free Google Play Redeem Code

  • It can be redeemed at the time of the purchase of the application from the Play store.
  • You can purchase the e-book using the Google redeem code.
  • Helps you get discounts on In-App purchases and also for taking subscriptions to the monthly magazines available in the app store.
  • Renting and buying movies from the Google Play store.

How To Redeem A Free Google Play Code?

Many people won free Google Play Redeem codes, but they don’t know how to redeem these codes in the Play store. If you have received or been rewarded with the Free Google Play Redeem code, then you can redeem the code by following these easy steps:

1] To redeem your free Google code, you have to go to the Google Play store, and then on the right side of the screen, you have to click on the icon of your Google account.

2] After clicking on your account section, you will see the option of “Payment and Subscriptions” you have to click on this section.

3] You will see the four options – Payments methods, subscription, Budget and History, and Redeem Code, respectively. You have to tap on the Redeem code.

4] Further, you will see the pop-up to enter the code. Enter the code and tap on the redeem option.

Finally, your free Google Play code gets redeemed, and your balance is automatically added to your Google Play wallet. However, you can also enter the code manually, or you can scan the code by using the Mobile camera.

Once you redeem this code, your money gets credited to your Google Play balance, or you can redeem this code while purchasing the app to get some lucrative discount. The balance and discount amount in the Google account depends on the monetary value of your redeemed code.

Free Google Play Codes Today January 31, 2023

If you are tired of hunting for the working Free Google Play codes, then here is an updated list. After redemption of the below given Google Play codes, you can get a free gift card of 10 rupees to a maximum of 1000 rupees. So, try the free Google Play voucher to get gift codes worth up to 1000 rupees.

  • 33F69EJ75JKM3G98
  • 9RR2CT4JB44R816G


In this article, we have discussed how to get Free Google Play to redeem code, the steps to redeem Google Play gifts, and how to use these codes for your app purchasing and taking subscriptions. So, go with the mentioned activities and avail a number of free Google Play gift codes to have premium movies, applications, and other things without paying anything. For More Free Codes Visit Ski2champoluc.

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