How to Hack a Vending Machine 100% Working Tricks

How to Hack a Vending Machine 100% Working Tricks: Today I want to share with you How to Hack a Vending Machine 100% Working. We’re going to give you all the information you need in order to answer the question: How to trick a vending machine? What if one day it rains food instead of only water. Do you guys see it as another wonder or are you excited by capturing everything that is out there? Just kidding! But if you really want, it can happen. Yes, make it come true by hacking a vending machine of any size with a few cheat codes.

how to hack a vending machine to get free items

You can grab snacks, drinks, cupcakes and pizza for nothing with these vending machines across the world. These machines can be found in places such as grates, prisons and just in the back of your convenience store. You’ll find vending machines that accept coins, various types of credit cards and even contactless cards (i.e. PayPal or NFC).

There are no universal codes that work on all of the vending machines. But, if you decide to avoid feeding dollar bills into a vending machine, then read on and find out how to hack a vending machine in a smart way without getting caught by the owners. So without any delay, what are some ways to hack a snack vending machine? With no required skills or gadgets, here’s how you can cheat a vending machine.

How to Hack a Vending Machine to Get Free Stuff:

For years, this frustrating contraption has misled some individuals. In addition to trying to get the snack or beverage they want, the vending machine can also stop working which can lead to money loss for the company that provide it. So to save your cash from slipping into machines, try these soda hacks listed below if you are looking for free snacks and beverages.

Trick 1 – Take Your Cash Back:

One of the least helpful vending machine tricks is to give your change back. But how is that possible? Get snacks without spending any money by using this simple vending machine hack. All you need is some paper money, packaging tape, and desperation. Just like the old coin-and-string trick, stick the tape at one end of the note and insert it into the machine. Once it accepts your note, receive something to eat and use the pull-out method for taking back precious paper cash. If things go wrong, forget about those snacks and hit the change button instead. Otherwise, proceed to fool the vending machine and get your goodies without inserting live dollar bills into suspicious boxes.

Trick 2 – Code for Free Nesquik Drinks:

There are a few vending machine hack codes to help you get free drinks. If you’re in need and find a coin-operated Nescafé vending machine, try this secret code for vending machine to get free drinks: 44455544455. However, use the 4 and 5 buttons to enter the sequence. When done, you’ll also receive credits from the machine.

You can use this vending machine code for any drink that you want: ‌ 137137137. Whether it is a new vending machine, or if your keypad is showing the wrong code, this should work in most cases. The codes seem to have worked on some older machines too, so keep them in mind when you need one!

Trick 3 – Set Your Own Price:

Numbers printed on products can often be misleading in terms of cost. For example, consider an apple that has the price written $1 on it and then the next item is marked with a $3 price tag. These numbers easily suggest that the apples are literally 3 times more expensive than they really are – which sometimes isn’t true. These types of mistakes with pricing can be intensely costly for many consumers who are lured into buying expensive items only to find out later that they were actually cheaper than intended. If you want to check prices before you buy, take advantage of discount codes offered by manufacturers in order to line your pockets conveniently and quickly when you visit stores such as Walmart or Target.

You can check the following button combinations to view success rates and set the price on this machine: 1. 4,231,213,21 3. 4-2-3-2-1-3. You might also try the vending machine’s cheat code (42313214321.), but there is no guarantee that it will work on other vending machines in the world.

Trick 4 – Get Cash Out of an Old Soda Machine:

If you don’t want to pay anything for vending machines, but also know that you have to get your own item at the end of this process, then it will help if you can find an old soda machine with sensors. The next step is to place the money in a slot and select your item. However, before the machine releases your selected item, make sure you hold on to one side of the gate while releasing the other side. After this has been done the machine will think that it didn’t release anything and can give you back any amount of coins as a refund.

Trick 6 – Hack a Conveyor Belt Coke Machine:

If you like Coke, Coca-Cola, and sodas in general, you probably have found that it’s an expensive habit. However, when money becomes tight, a clever trick can make it possible to get your favorite drink in vending machines–at a discounted rate. This simple vending hack dispenses multiple drinks for one paper note. To do this on a machine with a conveyor belt, insert the desired amount of change or paper bill and choose your drink. Then position your hand against the door–so that your fingers are near the bottom of the dispenser–to confuse it. After realizing its mistake, the machine will return the necessary money to successfully complete purchase of desired product(s).

In order to hack the vending machine, you will need skills in crafting and designing. Similar to these skills can help you to hack a vending machine carelessly. To learn how to use this hack, check out this page: How To Deliberately Trick A Vending Machine. The process is fairly simple; wrap layers of foil over a smaller coin in order to make it look like a bigger one. This can trick the vending machine into thinking you’ve paid full price but it usually only works on machines in America that accept smaller coins or with their corresponding vending machine codes. Additionally, people should have some luck if they want snacks from a machine.

Trick 8 – Fake Paper Coins:

This simple trick can also be done by a person. To make a vending machine spit out an item for free, you’ll need some cardboard, aluminum foil, a pen and scissors. First, trace around the coin slot on the top of the vending machine. Then cut it out and cover the coin switch with a piece of foil. Next place your foil-coated coins inside the machine in order to successfully trick it into thinking that they are all valid until you take money from it. With this trick, you’ll be able to cheat any type of vending machines as well as parking meters. However, use old technology because new ones won’t fall for it. In order to perfect this hack and deceive old machines, you should know what vulnerabilities their programming teams cannot fix in time.

Trick 9 – Check your Luck:

Old is still gold. People with bad luck may want to try their luck. Some older vending machines will return a ripped dollar bill, but give you the credit it is worth. The hack isn’t as reliable as some other vending machine hacking codes, but it still might work for you if you could use a cut card or store card reader. Some machines are now well fixed and might not work with this trick anymore. If your luck is good, find the cost of shot and try this vending machine hacking trick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Make Fake Paper Coins?

A really easy way to make fake paper coins is based on a technique that you can draw onto cardboard, use aluminum foil to block out part of the drawing, then use colored pens and fabric glue to turn your drawing into paper money. To make this machine create dollars, use thicker sheets of cardboard and cut around your coin design for a more durable final product.

How to Get Free Soda from a Vending Machine?

If you're in the market for a soda on your vending machine, insert some cash and select your beverage. Then stick your hand inside and push against the door to confuse it. When you get the drink back, repeat for each beverage until you get all required to complete your order. This hack works in old vending machines but not new ones. Check out the hacks below for more information about that.

Do All These Vending Machine Hacks Really Work?

However, there are also no universal vending machine codes to work on all machines. Some work only on old ones. Besides those, if you want to get some free things, like the hacks discussed earlier in this article, try the vending machine hacks they mentioned.

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This site provides a variety of vending machine hacks and tricks that help to get free stuff. Too often wasted money is the reality of this otherwise innovative invention, and our site offers ways to avoid that blunder. We hope that you’ve found this post interesting. If there are other vending machine hacks, please share them in the comment section below.

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