How To Prepare For The Nightmare Of Losing Your Smartphone In 2022

How To Prepare For The Nightmare Of Losing Your Smartphone In 2022: Nowadays, people are getting used to smartphones speedily in this digitization world. As the number of smartphones is increasing, you will also find that phone theft cases are increasing enormously. Losing a smartphone puts you in trouble, and you immediately get panic about finding it and worry about the prevention of personal data.

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So, to keep you out of trouble due to such unforeseen situations, here is the ultimate guide to protecting your smartphones from being lost. Also, you will learn what all steps should take immediately after losing your smartphone.

Methods To Save Your Smartphone From Lost

Misplacing the smartphone gives you pain but losing it due to theft is disappointing. So, follow the steps below and keep your phone and data safe from getting lost.

1. Remote Tracking Must Be On

Android or iPhone comes with built-in tools that let you track from other devices. You will see the ‘Find My Device’ option enabled in the Security and Location menu in the Settings. Also, you can easily track your smartphone in the google account where you are signed in.

You can even use the inbuilt Find My Device app to remotely wipe out your smartphone’s data and protect your personal files.

2. Keep Your Phone Screen And Apps Locked

The lock screen acts as a barrier between your account and those who stole the phone. If your account, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, PhonePe, Email Account, or shopping website, does not have a lock screen, anyone can access and get your personal information.

So it is very important to enable a strong lock screen that is available as a PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face lock. You can find this setting in Security and Location on Android, whereas Face Id and Passcode in iOS settings.

3. Back Up Your Data From The Account

You must keep a backup from the loss of your smartphone. This will help data to recapture again on other devices. This can be done by moving towards the Android setting, then to system advanced options, and finally back up.

Similarly, on iOS, move to the settings section and then tap your renamed iCloud backup.

Finally, when your backup is done, your stored files automatically move to cloud storage, like photos and videos present in google photos. Also, the video may be seen again by Dropbox or the One Drive menu based on your Android settings.

4. Password Protection Must Be Strong

When you buy a new phone, you must keep in mind to set up strong password protection by a biometric system present on the phone to unlock the device with fingerprint or face detection technology. Alternatively, you can use a strong set of numbers to protect your phone from accessing valuable applications that involve money transactions like Google Pay, PayTM, Amazon, banking apps, etc.

5. Keep A Personalized Note On The Account Setting

When you add a note with contact info to your account setting, it gets linked with your phone by email ID. You may also attach a note on the back of the phone cover so that if found by an honest person, you can get your phone back.

So, in Android, you may type a message to the owner information section of the security submenu section. Moreover, a disadvantage is that if you discontinue the phone security and rest your phone, your note will disappear.

6. Unique ID Number Must Be Handy

Surprisingly, the smartphone has a unique identification number known as IMEI (International mobile equipment identity). Your cell carrier already has this unique number at the time of loading the operating system. When you report your stolen phone, the authority can also ask the device IMEI to track the phone.

The find out your unique identification number, you can dial the #06# number from your phone. Then the device’s IMEI number will pop up on the screen that you can note down and keep in a safe place.

To manually find it on an Android phone, you can open the setting option and then navigate to about the phone, where the IMEI number will appear on the phone screen.

What Can You Do When You Lose The Phone?

When you lose your mobile, you immediately get worried about your personal data getting into the wrong hand.

So, the first step must be trying to erase everything remotely from your phone by logging into your Gmail account by accessing another device.

Afterward, if you do not get the lost phone within 24 hours, then you must contact your service provider. They first try to change the phone password from logging into the other device and more. If it doesn’t work, lodge the FIR (First Information Report) by rushing to the nearest police station. They might help you find the stolen phone.


At the end of this article, you know How To Prepare For The Nightmare Of Losing Your Smartphone In 2022. You may go online to see more methods that protect your phone from loss. However, the best way is to keep your phone in a safe place. Also, do not try to carry it in a crowded place. So, be smart with your phone and keep your phone smart. For More Guides & Tricks Visit Ski2champoluc.

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