How To Take Scheduled WhatsApp Backup?

How To Take Scheduled What’s App Backup? 2022 Guide: When you lose or break your phone, you don’t only lose a calling device but also the huge amount of data that your phone stores. Your photos and files get saved in Google Photos and Google Drive automatically, but not all apps update on their own. WhatsApp is one such application that needs backup from time to time to save your precious data from getting vanished. If you are planning to change your phone or are just worried about losing your conversations, it is important for you to back up your phone.

How To Take Scheduled WhatsApp Backup

Let’s know the step-by-step process of how you take scheduled backups of your WhatsApp account.

How To Take Whatsapp Backup On Android Devices?

It is simple to automate WhatsApp backup on your Android device by following the given steps. Even if your Android phone is set up, WhatsApp backup to Google Drive, an encrypted WhatsApp backup is always saved to the internal storage of your Android Phone.

The steps to save WhatsApp to the local storage of Android phones are similar to manually Backing up WhatsApp. Let us see the steps.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the 3 dots placed at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Then tap on the Settings menu.

Step 3. Select Chats from the given options.

Step 4. Select Chat Backup from the menu.

Step 5. Click on Back Up once you open the Chat Backup option.

Step 6. Switch the toggle on to include videos if you want to back up the videos as well but make sure that your phone has enough storage to store videos.

During the process, you will be asked the interval to choose for taking automatic backup. Please go with the durations based on your What’s accessibility.

How to Take Scheduled Whatsapp Backup On iPhone

In iPhones, WhatsApp is backed up on iCloud Drive, which is a built-in feature on all iPhones. You can back up the information to your iCloud account, storing everything in the “cloud .”And here are the step-by-step guide to accomplish the process.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your Apple device.

Step 2. Tap on the Apple ID banner placed at the top right corner, and then tap on iCloud.

Step 3. Click Settings from the menu and select Chats.

Step 4. Then choose Chats Backup from the options.

Step 5. Run backup on your device.

Step 6. Choose a time for automatic backup depending on when you want to back up the WhatsApp data. According to your chosen time, the data will get backed up.

Step 7. Select include videos if you want to include shared chat videos in your backup.

What Happens If You Don’t Take A Scheduled Whatsapp Backup?

Backup helps in recovering messages. While it is not necessary to take scheduled Whatsapp backup, it helps you greatly in the case when you don’t want to lose important conversations and media.

The consequences of not taking scheduled What’s App backup can be seen when your phone is hanged and you have gone through a factory reset. Also, all the chat history can’t be accessed or deleted in case of losing the phone or mistakenly uninstalling the What’s App. Another problem is that you might forget to take manual backup, and in that case, you won’t be able to fetch the latest chat history in any unforeseen situation.

Can We Choose A Custom Time To Take A Scheduled Whatsapp Backup On The Phone?

No, you cannot customize the time for scheduling WhatsApp backup on a local device. It automatically starts back up at 2 AM.

How To Change Whatsapp Backup From Never To Daily?

You can easily change the WhatsApp backup from never to daily by following the given steps.

Go to the Settings menu of WhatsApp. Then tap on Chats, after which you have to select Chat Backup. Further, click on Chat Backup, and tap on Back up to Google Drive. You have to select Daily from the list of given options that include; Never, Only When I Tap “Back up,” Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

How Do I Stop Automatic Whatsapp Backup At 2 AM?

There isn’t any straightforward process to change the automatic What’s App backup time from 2 AM. But you can tweak the system with some manual effort. And here is the process to do the same that will help you stop taking automatic WhatsApp backup at 2 AM.

  • Unlock your phone screen and navigate to the File Manager section.
  • There, you will get the Internal Storage option; just go inside that.
  • Further, you have to find and click on the Whatsapp folder.
  • After that, you need to create a new folder inside, namely, Databases.
  • Now, Zip the folder and remove the extension .zip from the folder name.
  • Now, you will no longer see that What’s App is taking automatic backup at 2 AM every day.

Should I Take My What’s App Backup Every Day?

It depends on your usage, device-free space, and requirements. It might surprise you that What’s App backup files never take space on Google Drive. So, whenever you take the backup, it overwrites the existing backup file and adds the new updates.

So, if you used to chat with several people every day, which consists of an important conversation, images, and other documents, then better to take the What’s App backup every day, otherwise, you can go for weekly or even monthly backup options.


It is important to backup your Whatsapp data and run these backups at regular intervals to avoid any loss of data. Whatsapp is considered to be one of the best messaging apps among its competitors. You might have had some important conversations with your family members, friends, and acquaintances that you do not want to lose. But it might happen that your phone gets lost or you need to transfer data to a new phone, which requires backing up all your chats on Whatsapp.

We hope that the above-mentioned steps will be beneficial to you for taking a regular backup of your What’s App to recover the data in any unforeseen situations. For More Guides & Tricks Visit Ski2champoluc.

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