Coronavirus FAQs

These are very strange times for us all and even as lockdown across Europe continues to ease, we appreciate that many of our potential customers will have many questions before they choose to commit to a booking for the 2020 / 2021 winter season.

Whilst we don’t have all the answers by any means, we are working hard to be able to welcome both our regular and new guests to resort after 1st March 2021, taking in to account both national and local regulations and health advice which, do as we know, change by the day! Those who know us well will appreciate that customer care has always been our key focus, but we will be working even harder to be sure that we can deliver safe holidays to our valued clients.

As of the end of November 2020, we have decided that it is not safe for our staff or clients to operate holidays to Champoluc during December, January and February. We have therefore offered all those due to travel before 1st March the opportunity to postpone their holiday to 2021 / 2022 or to receive a full refund.

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With the situation changing so frequently, it has been challenging to keep this page up to date. Please also visit our Facebook page to check for recent news – click here.

Our Coronavirus Guarantee

Book your 2020 / 2021 ski holiday with complete confidence with the Ski 2 Coronavirus Guarantee

Download our Coronavirus Guarantee as a PDF.

We feel sure that after a summer in which many of us have missed our usual summer holiday to Europe, the desire to head for a winter break in the Alps will be stronger than ever.

We understand however that many will be apprehensive about booking, so to offer as much reassurance as we can, we have put together this guarantee meaning that you can arrange your next holiday with 100% peace of mind.

If the hotel, property or resort you are travelling to is required to close because of Coronavirus or the UK, French or Italian Government introduce any kind of ban which means you can’t travel as planned, then we guarantee to offer you the choice of a postponement to a time when you are able to travel, or you receive a 100% refund on all the money that you have paid us. This does not cover a situation where you choose not to travel because of a quarantine period that may be in place.

This offer is applicable up to the day of departure, after which your wintersports travel insurance should cover you for curtailment of your holiday.

Will there be a 2020 / 2021 winter season?

We very much hope so and most European ski resorts that offer summer skiing are already open to skiers from across Europe, taking in to account any social distancing requirements. Most resorts are currently planning to open in mid-December for the winter. The issue of course is whether skiers from the UK are able to access the skiing!

The Aosta Valley website has up to date information about current local regulations and restrictions.

Websites such as and are also very useful sources of general ski advice with details of which resorts are open.

Will I be able to holiday in Italy?

The Foreign Office dictate to us where and when we are able to travel to specific destinations. In the event of them feeling that a destination is unsafe for some reason, they will restrict all but ‘essential travel‘ to that region and as at 25th November, this is the advice they have in place. Keep up to date with what the FCDO’s current policy on Italy. You can request to receive an email every time that the government changes their travel advice for Italy – see the FCDO website on how to subscribe.

How will I be able to get to Champoluc?

Assuming that the current travel restrictions are lifted, we hope that it will be possible to fly in to all the airports that we offer airport transfers from. If you book a flight for the winter and the airline is unable to provide that service, then they have an obligation to refund you in full for any cancelled flights.

We are also expecting that more clients will choose to travel by train or by car to northern Italy. We don’t include flights in our prices anyway, so our customers are free to make their own travel arrangements. Those not requiring transfers from the airport or railway station qualify for a discount off our normal prices.

Those arriving in Italy from the UK are currently required to present a negative Covid test result – this test must have been taken in the UK within 72 hours of arrival in Italy.

These are tough times for the travel industry. How is Ski 2 fairing?

As a small, privately owned business, these are indeed tough times for us and for many other travel companies. That said, we are an established business (next winter will be our 21st!) and we are keen to be here in another 2 decades. We have a focussed business model (we only offer 2 ski areas) and can be adaptable enough to evolve as we need to in the months and years ahead.

How did Ski 2 deal with the end of last winter?

It was a challenging time, with over 1,000 clients still to travel and customers still on holiday in both Italy and France when the FCDO restricted travel and the authorities decided to shut down ski resorts. Our first job was to make sure that our holidaying clients and our staff teams were able to move to safety in a timely manner. We thank those who were out in resort at the time for their understanding. We are pleased to report that all staff and clients got home safely and that there were no reports of anyone suffering from Coronavirus.

Is Champoluc a ‘safe’ destination?

Champoluc is situated in the Ayas Valley which has managed to avoid any deaths from Coronavirus. We believe that resorts like Champoluc, which are much less crowded than the larger French resorts for instance, give more room for skiers to socially distance and avoid close contact with others. Champoluc and the Monterosa ski area are often featured in articles about ‘unknown’ or quieter resorts including this one on the website. A large percentage of the lifts in the Monterosa ski area are chair lifts (you will be allowed to take a chair with family members or those in your ‘social bubble’) which allow you to travel up the mountain in the fresh air. We understand that face coverings will be required in lift queues.

As at 15th October 2020, UK visitors to Italy must either present a certificate on arrival to confirm that they have tested negative for Coronavirus within 72 hours of arriving, or to take a test on arrival at the Italian arrival airport. Clearly the first option is preferable to be sure that you arrive tested as ‘negative’. There are a number of places in the UK where you can pay to have a test, either locally to where you live, nationally, or at home through a company such as this or this We do not advice that you use the NHS Testing System.

You also need to be aware that currently (as at 16th October), the FCDO advice against all but essential travel to Italy.

You currently also have to self-isolate when you return to the UK from Italy, although the 14 day period has recently (as of 25th November) been reduced to 5 days if you choose to pay for a private test – click here

How will Ski 2 make sure that things are as safe as possible for their guests?

We are currently taking advice from Government and from our trade associations as to the measures that we should put in place to fully protect those customers who do come to Champoluc this winter. It will be reassuring to our clients that we already provide private airport transfers in small vehicles, that many of the hotels in Champoluc are small and run by families who pride themselves in keeping their property very clean and that generally, Champoluc is a very quiet resort, but we are working hard to understand what other measures we should reasonably have in place. Those who have travelled with us before will know that we work very hard to look after our clients and we will do everything possible to make you feel safe when holidaying with us.

Will the hotels in Champoluc survive?

We are very lucky that most of the hotels in Champoluc are family-owned and have been that way for many generations. They aren’t owned by investment companies and those that are owned by private individuals who live outside of the Ayas Valley are part of enormous, multi million Euro empires. We don’t envisage any change to the accommodation that we offer, although there could be small changes to the shops and bars in the village. Most businesses in the village aim to open for the summer season, once they are allowed to.

Can I book a ski holiday now for this winter?

We are taking bookings for the 2020 / 2021 winter season for arrivals after 1st March 2021 and welcome all enquiries. We are asking for a £150 per person deposit at the time of booking, with the balance payment not due until 10 weeks before you are due to travel. This allows you to book now with a limited financial commitment and then reassess the situation again a couple of months before you are due to travel. Please bear in mind that all monies paid to our company are always 100% protected by our ABTA membership.

If I want to change my holiday, will their be any amendment charges?

We will not charge any amendment fees if you make a booking and then, because of issues relating to Coronavirus, want to make changes to that booking.

Will I be able to get wintersports insurance to cover my holiday?

The insurance world is still reeling from the effects of Coronavirus (Covid 19) and will be hesitant in offering full cover to travellers who may in the future have a holiday affected by this or another pandemic. That said, they will be keen for our business and many are working to provide cover to suit the ‘new world’. This article by the Money Saving Expert team may give some useful advice.

This online insurance provider was one of the first to suggest that they offer enhanced ‘Covid cover‘. Other insurance providers are available! This provider has also been recommended for including Coronavirus cover in their policies. The team at the comparison website GoCompare have also put together some FAQ’s for those considering travelling abroad – click here.

Please check your cover carefully if you decide to travel when the FCDO has an ‘all but essential travel’ restriction in place. Most policies would not provide cover in this situation.

Is the Ski 2 UK office open as usual?

As at the end of September, a number of our team are furloughed or working from home, but we are contactable by email at Replies to enquiries are taking a little longer than usual, but please do contact us and we will be back to you as soon as we can.

What Coronavirus measures will Champoluc have in place this winter?

Click here to see what measures the Aosta Valley have in place.

How can I best make payment to make sure my money is protected?

Our preferred payment method is by bank transfer (we will supply our bank details when you confirm your booking), but we also accept payment by cheque, Debit Card and Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa, but not American Express I am afraid). Please bear in mind that your money paid to our company is always 100% protected by our ABTA membership so there is no need to make payment by Credit Card to gain financial protection.

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