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Join our Ski With Confidence course starting in March.

Reflections from our happy, confident and empowered Ski With Confidence clients.

What a great time everyone had on the first two Ski With Confidence courses of the 2019/2020 season. Our beautiful village of Champoluc, in the Aosta valley, makes the perfect location to develop confidence on the slopes. The Ski 2 team are delighted that the Ski With Confidence Courses is having such a positive impact, enabling more of our clients to manage the inner fear and develop their love for skiing….

We have worked with Louise from ProAbility, to ensure we provide the best package for your ski holiday. We choose a time of year when the slopes are quiet. You get to stay in fabulous hotel accommodation. The Ski 2 team take all the strain out of your holiday and provide the right environment for you to focus on creating a positive ski experience and having a great time.

“Fun, friendly, welcoming, relaxed, non-judgemental ethos and approach. Great foundation to build my future skiing experience. Champoluc is a fantastic ski area for people trying to gain confidence.” 

With the thought of years of ski holidays ahead, our clients tend to feel caught between sharing these precious times with loved ones or just dreading the whole thing.  Constant butterflies in the stomach, worried about injury and feeling out of control. Our clients had all been for ski lessons and were familiar with the basics of skiing – this wasn’t their problem. Their challenge was finding a way to manage the fear factor.

ProAbility’s Ski With Confidence package provides one-on-one coaching in the UK prior to heading out to Champoluc. This enables clients to overcome their anxiety and head to the slopes with calm and confidence. The coaching continues in resort and helps to develop a positive mindset. The holiday allows clients to put their new found skills into action.

“The coaching sessions were so useful for many areas of my life and I gained some valuable insights”

On arrival in Champoluc, our group enjoyed the fantastic hospitality of the Hotel Relais and La Rouja. Expert instruction was provided by our talented Ski 2 instructors, who understand the focus on confidence building.

“Kieran, our instructor, was fantastic. Patient, kind and wise beyond his years. The team coaching each morning was a great way of motivating and building on my confidence.”

Sharing the experience with a group of like-minded clients created great team spirit during the trip.

Wonderful group of people, I felt we supported each other and haven’t laughed so much in ages

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Imagine how fabulous your ski holiday would be, if you could look forward to each day.  We ensure you overcome your anxiety and release yourself from your fears. The course will leave you feeling liberated.

“I thought ProAbility and Ski 2 put on a really valuable, and enjoyable experience. I am super excited for my next ski holiday.”

“Thank you so much for helping to create so many happy skiing memories and so much positivity for the future.”

“Excited to put my new found skills and anxiety free approach into practice on our next family holiday.”

Imagine how proud and empowered you’d feel if this was your feedback from our course……what a great feeling to have finally overcome that anxiety.

Our Ski With Confidence Coaching Courses will take you on that journey to develop your confidence. We are pleased to announce we have a final course running this season from Sunday 8th March 2020 to Thursday 12th March (4 nights). The accommodation is in Chalet Lo Miete at the 4* Hotellerie de Mascognaz. The price is £1850 and includes all your Ski With Confidence Coaching, private airport transfers, lift pass, private ski instruction, half board (including sole occupancy room supplement) and lunch vouchers.

If you’d like to find out more please call Louise at ProAbility on 07593 939367 or email skicoaching@ProAbility.co.uk. You can also contact the Ski 2 office on 01962 713330. Join our Ski With Confidence Coaching Courses to overcome those inner fears and discover the magic of skiing. Use the great skills you’ll develop to feel relaxed and confident on the slopes so you can really have fun. Imagine how good the après ski would feel then!

Together we can create a great skiing experience!

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