9 Shocking Facts About Apple iPhone You Must Know (2022)

9 Shocking Facts About Apple iPhone You Must Know (2022): iPhone was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs in San Francisco, California, on January 9, 2007. This was the most prominent smartphone marketed and manufactured by Apple. If you are an apple user, you might know about its features and durability. Although it is higher in the budget, many people want to purchase an iPhone from their savings. After knowing the prevailing facts, customers are attracted to the Apple iPhone.

9 facts about apple iphone you must know

iPhone has brought some comprehensive changes in how we use our phones today. So, if you are searching for more interesting facts about the Apple iPhone, then this article will be well suited for you.

What is the meaning of ‘i’?

The letter i is mentioned in every product of iPhones like watch, mac, pad and more. This reveal of i was formerly known when steve jobs announced iMac in 1998. The meaning of i for apple products actually means internet because the internet was the new thing for the customers at that time. And, with the introduction of the iMac, the internet gave a new way to explore. But, later on, gave other meanings like inform, instruct, individual, or inspire.

Best 9 Interesting facts about Apple iPhone

Bringing the Apple iPhone into the market helped retailers to give a unique response in the world of mac by both online and offline purchases. Let us look up some interesting facts about the iPhone in the world of smartphones;-

1. Sold Phone In Billion

Apple sold 10 billion iPhones from the date of release. With the upcoming models like the iPhone 7, it has been recorded as 2.2 billion as of November 1, 2018, by CEO Tim Cook.

And in upcoming dates will cross upon billions of users for iPhones as compared to other smartphones.

2. The Origin Of The iPhone

Originally, iPhones were introduced as smartphones because there were no touch screen gadgets at the moment. Initially, Steve Jobs gave the idea of touchscreen and tablets to explore the engineers.

Then the engineers gave iPhones to touch tablets, and Steve Jobs thought it wouldn’t run in the market. Afterward, the announcement of the iPad and iPhone gave revolutionary changes in the world of smartphones.

3. Market Share And Revenue

Apple has dominated the smartphone market for a long time in the upper class. Currently, Apple has a 20% to 50% share in the market and revenue up to 94% profits in the smartphone industry.

Although Apple has various devices like iPad, mac, watch, and more, iPhones give a better revenue of 25.99 billion USD.

4. Introduced As A Tablet Project

iPhones were initially not used as a touchpad because no tablets had been introduced since time, but with the introduction of tablets with the virtual keywords, Jobs told his engineers to search for technology on the phone and made them the first tablet projects in smartphones.

5. 1 iPhone With 200 Patents

By the release of iPhones in 2007, apple had filled more than 200 patents with the technology of smartphones. Force touch, over-the-air updates, and more are the patents that interact with the users by the publishers or developers.

6. Not The First Phone

iPhone was not considered the first phone because before its release in 2007, Cisco had owned the trademark for a VOIP device to use skype calls, but now they originally have different brand names.

7. Ads With 9.41 AM

On the iPhone, you will be given advertisements for every 40 minutes that start at 9 AM daily, as you see in the pictures of iPhones. This is because when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, it was 9.42 AM, but with the introduction of the iPad came as 9.41 AM on every picture or short advertisement on the iPhone.

8. Apple Gave The Framework Of The App Store

As you know, now every smartphone comes with an app store pre-installed. Actually, this trend was started by Apple iPhones, which legally allowed customers to use the app store for downloading and installing the apps.

9. Apple iPhone Ipad’s Retina Manufactured By Samsung

There is a good relationship between Samsung and iPhones because all the features somehow match the same.

Moreover, Apple iPhone and iPad retina were manufactured by Samsung and later given the name iPhones.

But now, TSMC has been manufacturing the processors of iPhones.

Top Models of iPhones

apple iphone evolution history

You have different models available from the date of introduction to the latest date. All these models vary with the model number and features like capacity, color, and year of introduction. These are-

  • iPhone (2007)
  • iPhone 3g (2008)
  • iPhone 3GS (2009)
  • IPhone4 (2010)
  • iPhone 4s (2011)
  • iPhone 5 (2012)
  • iPhone 5C (2013)
  • iPhone 5 (2013)
  • iPhone 6 plus (2014)
  • iPhone 6 (2014)

You have other models like iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 7, 8, 8 plus as iPhone SE (2nd generation), and iPhone SE (3rd generation) like iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, and more.


At the end of this article, you know various facts about Apple iPhones. Some you know and some you find interesting.

You may know other interesting facts from the websites of iPhones available online. So, purchase the top model in the world of smartphones as iPhones. For More Guides & Tips Visit Ski2champoluc.

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