Ski and Snowboard Hire in Champoluc

It’s just a short walk from your hotel to our own ski and snowboard hire and deposit, just a few metres from the bottom of the main gondola.

We have an extensive range of high quality skis, boots, boards, clothing and accessories for hire.  Our trained staff are available throughout the day should you need to change your equipment if it’s not quite right for you (we don’t charge extra for changing your equipment during your holiday).

Storing it couldn’t be easier during your stay in Champoluc with our ski deposit right at the bottom of the piste and gondola station.

Our ski and snowboard hire is also our main resort office with a comfortable seating area, internet access (free to use for Ski 2 clients) and an information point.

The office is open between 8am and 6pm every day and always staffed by at least one member of our resort team.

inside the Ski 2 Ski Deposit

At the end of the day a red run from the top of the gondola brings you within steps of the ski deposit door, where you can return your ski equipment, put on a comfy pair of shoes and amble back to your hotel.

  1. Head out from your hotel or apartment after breakfast in your comfortable shoes – enjoy the stroll, or call our resort office to request a lift in a Ski 2 minibus
  2. Collect your skis and boots (stored overnight) from the Ski 2 ski deposit, right at the bottom of the main gondola. Leave your comfortable shoes in the deposit.
  3. Head up the main gondola to the ski school meeting point and the slopes beyond.
  4. At the end of the day, ski the Pistone piste back to the village and the ski deposit door.
  5. Collect your comfortable shoes from the deposit and store your ski equipment overnight in our purpose built ski and boot storage area.
  6. Wander back to your hotel in your comfortable shoes.
  7. Eat, sleep and repeat…

Arranging Ski and Snowboard Hire

We’re serious about skiing and our equipment so we continue to invest in our stock to make sure we have the best options available for you.

We now offer a new level of Prestige skis including twin tips and racing skis. If you would like us to email you a list of our current stock of skis in Champoluc, please email

So that we can make sure we have exactly what you need, ski equipment needs to be pre-booked and pre-paid for before your departure so we’ll ask you for details on your booking form.

If you’re arriving in the evening and would prefer to collect your ski equipment outside of our opening hours (8am-6pm), we can easily arrange this for you.

Inside the Ski 2 Ski Hire in Champoluc

Free Ski Hire for Children

Children aged 11 and under (on date of departure) get free ski equipment hire (standard skis, sticks, boots and a helmet) for the duration of your holiday. This package is worth over £150 per person (for a 6 day rental).* Children aged 14 or under are required to wear a helmet which you can either buy or rent in the resort. If you would like to rent a helmet then you’ll need to pre-book and pre-pay so that we can guarantee availability for you.

Getting childrens ski equipment ready

*Snowboard hire isn’t included in the free ski hire offer

Prices for 2020/2021 season

All prices quoted below for our ski and snowboard hire are per person for the number of days (or part days) indicated and include FREE storage in our ski deposit just a few metres from the bottom of the piste and main ski lift. If you bring your own equipment we’ll also store it at no charge.

Equipment Age Price
Helmet Hire For children aged 11 or under Free of charge (compulsory)
Helmet Hire For children aged 12 to 14 £6 per day/part day (compulsory)
Helmet Hire For adults £6 per day/part day
Ski Boot Hire For children aged 11 or under Free of charge
Ski Boot Hire For ages 12 and over £11 per day/part day
Standard Carving Ski Hire (including storage) For ages 12 and over £13 per day/part day
Superior Carving Ski Hire (including storage) For ages 12 and over £18 per day/part day
Prestige Carving Ski Hire (including storage) For ages 12 and over £24 per day/part day
Snowboard Hire All ages £19 per day/part day
Snowboard Soft Boot Hire All ages £11 per day/part day

Prices above are for ski equipment that is pre-booked and pre-paid in the UK. Prices for equipment arranged when you arrive in Champoluc are a little higher.

We allow you to change your skis as often as you wish during your stay in Champoluc. Our friendly and experienced ski technicians will be there to help you try out the different makes and models we have on offer.