Travelling to Champoluc

When it comes to travelling to Champoluc, we know that flexibility is important for you, so we don’t include it in our holiday packages. This means that you choose how you travel, where you depart from and when you arrive.

With all of our holidays in Champoluc we offer our own free, private ‘Meet and Greet’ airport transfer service, included in the cost of your holiday. If you choose to arrive by air, we can pick you up in Turin, Milan, Geneva or Chambery. If travelling to Champoluc by rail suits you better, then we offer a free transfer service from Turin, Milan or Geneva. Whenever possible, it will be one of our own staff who will collect you from your flight or your train and the transfer will be in a Ski 2 liveried car or minibus straight to the door of your accommodation. There will be assistance for your luggage and since the transfers are private, there is no waiting around for others to arrive.

We don’t mind which flight or train you arrive, or depart on. Our transfers are personalised to each and every arrival, so you can chose timings that suit your individual requirements. Many of those travelling to Champoluc on a short ski break, choose to catch the first flight out from the UK (with the aim of skiing that afternoon) and then fly home as late as possible on their last day, giving them a full day of skiing.

Once in Champoluc, all Ski 2 guests have free and unlimited access to our free ‘on-demand’ minibus service around the resort – 7 days a week between 0800 and midnight!

Arriving by air

The majority of our guests arrive in Champoluc by air, with Milan Malpensa and Turin being the closest and most popular airports. Geneva Airport isn’t too much further from Champoluc and tends to have a wider range of flights from numerous airports in the UK.

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Arriving by road

Driving to the resort is one of the best ways to take in the breathtaking landscape en-route and to avoid busy airports. It’s an easy 10.5 hour drive from the French ports to Champoluc, with travellers either using the Channel Tunnel or a cross-channel ferry.

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Arriving by rail

If your are making efforts to reduce carbon emissions, then rail travel is well worth considering. It’s a relatively easy journey from the UK and we’ll collect you from which ever station you arrive at on the continent to transfer you up to Champoluc.

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It is worth mentioning that our transfer vehicles are owned and operated by us and driven by a member of the Ski 2 team. Our fleet of vehicles is fully insured for Hire and Reward business (this isn’t the case with some of the smaller ski tour operators) and we have all the correct documentation to collect you from and return you to the airport. We put the safety and security of our customers at the very heart of our operation and all of our vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned between each transfer. You will be given detailed instructions of where to meet our driver and you’ll have a 24 number for a senior member of our team if you have any queries at all during your journey.