Ski 2 Client Feedback

Hodges Group – February 2020

A very friendly team looked after us and all our needs. Bang on time and very good drivers. Thank you and well done, I think you are all wonderful.

K. Harris – February 2020

We had absolutely AMAZING time! It was our first time in Champoluc but definitely will be coming back. Love that focus is on family, children and making them as happy as possible at all times! I have already recommended your holiday to my friend. I’m very tempted to come back again during Easter holiday this…

Warren Family – February 2020

Everyone is great. Kelly and Valerie are so helpful. the ski instructors are so friendly and motivating – Elaina thrived under Steff, Gabrielle really enjoyed her sessions with Paul, Connell really helped my husband and I just adore Molly, Norman and Byron! Tom Pearson was so kind and encouraging to Elaina having taught her the…

Taylor Group – February 2020

I love the fact that it is a small village without too many loud bars and blaring music. We did have a drink on the slopes and in the little bar where they brew there own beer but it was never a big feature of the holiday – Not a criticism at all, in fact…

D. Benest – February 2020

Great ski school, my girls were very happy in their groups and both of them improved so much with the wonderful tuition.

The O’Sullivan Party – February 2020

Bryon is a genius. In three years he has taken us from novice to confident black running, Goat beating intermediates! He’s a super nice man too. Willie is a very decent chap and quietly authoritative, his life time of teaching is very evident.