Blairgowrie High School – February 2016

We have had another very successful trip to Champoluc (our third year) and cannot fault the company at all. The organisation both in the UK and in Italy is fantastic. Any queries are quickly taken care of. The pupils who come on the trip are always disappointed that we only take s2 and s3 pupils as many of them would come back if they could.

Hire equipment is of a high standard (a number of the pupils said the boots and skis were better than the ones they had at home!). It is also straightforward to change if necessary.

Instructors are very good, the pupils all made great progress and there was a real buzz at the end of each day.

The staff in the resort consistently seemed enthusiastic and friendly. They were always approachable and helpful and we felt that it is clear there is a real positive team ethos amongst all members of staff.

The voucher system for lunches works very well with a variety of beautiful restaurants to choose from where the food was very good.