Ski 2 Client Feedback

Kay M, March 2014

We found everyone so helpful and even though we booked last minute, everything went according to plan like clockwork. We appreciate the personalised service.

Mr and Mrs Hill, March 2014

Difficult to see how ski-2 can improve on the service that they offer as they really do ‘go the extra mile’ for their guests.

Mr and Mrs Janes, March 2014

We were trying to think of something you could do better, and in all honestly we can’t think of anything. The entire package is really excellent – just keep doing what you are doing Ski 2! We have tended to steer away from packages other than Neilson, but you have converted us to the specialist…

Mrs S, January 2015

I cannot honestly think of any way you could improve things. My husband and I first travelled to Champoluc with you almost ten years ago – we thought you were great then and nothing has changed! This year I took a group of girlfriends who had never been to Champoluc before and they were blown…