Ski 2 Client Feedback

Julie – January 2020

How do you feel about your skiing now that you’ve completed the course? More confident and feel relaxed that can handle red slopes comfortably.  Excited to put my new found skills and anxiety free approach into practice. What did you love about the course? Lovely group of supportive, non-judgemental fellow delegates.  Great instructor who was…

Wendy – January 2020

How do I feel about my skiing? Pretty happy and confident.The level last week was good for me. Steady progression each day and left me wanting more.For me, (and my slightly dodgy left leg) it’s important not to push it too hard and ski within my capabilities. What did I love about the course? Sisterhood!…

Roisin – January 2020

Thank you so much for including me on what was a really fantastic adventure. From the first coaching session at Manley, to the last ski run, it was an incredible experience. I have been waxing lyrical about it, and really feel you have hit on a valuable format. I’m afraid I’m not on Facebook or…

R. Hyde – January 2020

Champoluc remains a quiet Italian village – which is perfect for us. Over the years there have been some big improvements, eg the public pool and spa.

L. Stevenson – January 2020

We love Champoluc and have visited 9 times! We really appreciate the unspoilt nature and the authentic village setting. The lack of apres ski is not an issue for us.

J. Bryden – January 2020

Really good transfer, made arriving easy and hassle free. The welcome drinks and snacks are a lovely treat, and ensure the holiday starts well – definitely keep that going. I love Champoluc!!!n This is my second visit via Ski 2 and I’m hoping to go at the start of next season. I would like to…

J. Departe – December 2019

Everyone could not have been more helpful, an absolute delight with their kindness & consideration. I can’t see how you can improve, you have just about got it all right!

Khairallah Family – December 2019

George taught my kids, Joe and Zac, who adored him and his playfulness as well as his encouragement. They came on leaps and bounds in 1 week. The transport guys were excellent and always prompt and much appreciated as we had 9 kids between 3 families. We were very happy with the end to end…