M & E Weston – March 2019

Champoluc & the Mountain Restaurants

We like Champoluc very much the way it is ….. The bars and restaurants are good quality and not over-expensive (this includes the on-piste businesses). The variety of drinking places is also good – a favourite is Bar Centro where they always accommodate rugby fans and keep feeeding us while we drink… We are also a fans of Lo Bistro.

Very happy. You definitely are delivering an effective and felxible client-oriented experience.

T. Wire – March 2019

Very happy with the service overall. It has changed my perspective on ski trips and the ease of getting someone to organise all the bits and pieces. The in-country experience of the staff was invaluable. TRansfer was brilliant. Loved the goodies bag on arrival – the bottle sof water were great. Ski hire was seamless – the use of the ski deposit right next to the Gondola was brilliant.

L. Cowie – March 2019

Ski 2 Experience

Jane was great and I was actually helped by Sarah and Roger too.  Seamless transition from one member of the team to another. Such good customer service – great approach to helping me to find flexible solutions to being a late ‘add-on’ to my friend’s trip. I have recommended you to so many people.

On arrival Val was very helpful and made me feel very welcome. Ollie was great in getting my ski gear organised (best ski hire equipment I have had for a long time – loved my skis) and Kelly in helping me at the end of the trip, particularly in looking after me when I had skied, then offered a shower to get freshened up before the transfer and flight.

First time with Ski 2 and really hope I will book with you again. There were many things that I did not use or take advantage of – but just a great offer and a great package for me. Have been thinking of anything I could say to add to the improvement element but can’t think of anything!

Ski 2 Transfers

Blown away – I am still pinching myself that I had such a fantastic transfer included as part of my package. My friends – and all the others I met on the holiday were so jealous when I quite frankly boasted a bit about it. One person that I met when I was leaving even took a photo of the car with all the Ski 2 details on the side to look into a potential future holiday!


I had skied in Champoluc a number of times quite a few years ago. It hadn’t changed that much (which I was grateful for as it has a lot of charm as it is) but there were some different place to eat and drink which was good. I enjoyed the Wellness Centre (another great extra in my Ski 2 package) and the improvements to the uplift. Suited us and we loved it.

Ski Hire

Great to have the ski hire along with the package and  at the back of the office. Loved the skis I was fitted out with. The boots were not the newest but were really comfortable (and had good support) for ski boots and that was all that mattered. Nice that Ollie carted my boots and ski’s up to the ski deposit and showed me where it was. I didn’t have to go back at any point and enjoyed skiing on them. Well looked after skis and well serviced – so the workshop aspect was obviously great too.

Roberts – March 2019

Ski 2 Experience

I had never booked a ski holiday separately from the flights, and as a ‘woman of a certain age’ I was literally flabbergasted by the help and reassurance I received. Everything promised came to fruition!
(How lovely to meet ‘Jane’ in the boot room/on holiday. She identified herself as Ski 2 staff , and chatted, which I felt was proof positive that you know you have a winning formula and team!)

Very happy and SO glad that we walked into your office last year and took the advice of our staff. The experience is really a holiday. From the greet at the airport to the drop off.


The report is just the right size of busy and since the lifts and escalators have been fitted the skiing is seamless.

K. Mckee – March 2019

Ski 2 Transfers

We loved the touch of champagne and snacks as we arrived, the in vehicle wifi and the comfort of the individual transfer – really really impressive.

Champoluc and the Mountain Restaurants

Charming, a fantastic size and atmosphere and thoroughly lovely – the nicest village I have stayed in. Great selection of restaurants and incredibly useful to have the vouchers.

Ski 2 Experience

Jane and Louise that I spoke to early on in the process were particularly friendly and helpful, and the speedy communication and willingness to help shape exactly what we were after was fantastic. Everyone who was there was incredibly helpful and polite- really notable and made things so much smoother. Huge thanks to Connol our ski instructor for being ace and improving our skiing no end.