Wendy – January 2020

How do I feel about my skiing?

Pretty happy and confident.The level last week was good for me. Steady progression each day and left me wanting more.For me, (and my slightly dodgy left leg) it’s important not to push it too hard and ski within my capabilities.

What did I love about the course?

Sisterhood! And that’s something I don’t say very often… Wonderful group of people, brilliantly led by you, of course. I felt we supported each other and I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

The team talks in the morning were a good way of judging the mood in camp and you did a great job of motivating us.

The mountains, the wonder of nature. I found the use of music incredibly helpful and also the anchoring and breathing techniques.

Kieran (our ski instructor) was a fantastic coach – patient, kind and wise beyond his years. His presence and input was key to me enjoying the course as I need the support and reassurance skiing with a guide gives.

Would I recommend the course?

Yes, I would. Champoluc is a fantastic ski area for people trying to gain confidence. The fact that it’s quiet and has great red runs is key to the success of the course. The coaching sessions are useful for so many areas of life – not just skiing.

I gained some unexpected and valuable insights into myself and others.This course is about so much more than improving skiing confidence. So much so, in fact, I’ve booked an amazing riding course at Skibo in April!

Thank you so much for having me and for helping to create so many happy memories and so much positivity for the future.