Westwood Family – February 2018

Champoluc is lovely, with three children, apres-ski isn’t hugely on our list of priorities these days! Le Bistrot was great for a beer afterwards though, again, the kids loved the snacks!

Everyone was always soooooooo friendly, Sean and Charlie were great instructors with the kids. It was lovely to be recognized by Lucy’s instructor Tom from last year! He always said Hi when we saw him.
The drivers were always so quick to pick us up and tolerated our non-stop chatter with good cheer. The penguins made our lives so easy again, and the children loved them! Everyone in the office were so helpful at booking us restaurants for the evenings.
It was great to meet Simon’s son, Ryan as we had heard all about his skiing exploits last year, the kids were enthralled by him!
All three improved massively in confidence and skill (and almost style!)