Ultimate Ways To Share Data From Mobile To Nearby Devices (2022)

Ultimate Ways To Share Data From Mobile To Nearby Devices (2022): People are using smartphones to perform several tasks like clicking photos, making videos, watching movies, preparing documents, listening to music, etc. People love to exchange their photos, videos, and documents with their family, friends, and colleagues via the internet. But if you want to share the data from mobile to nearby devices without internet access, then here are some ultimate ways to do the job.

Share Data From Mobile To Nearby Devices

6 Quick Ways To Share Data From Mobile To Your Nearby Devices

1. Bluetooth

By using Bluetooth, you can share small files from your smartphone with other mobile phones. To share your data through Bluetooth from one device to another, you have to enable the Bluetooth of your phone and search for another Bluetooth device on the phone. After that, you have to pair your Bluetooth to another Bluetooth device, and then you have to select the files to share with nearby devices, followed by the send option. By tapping send, your file sharing starts with nearby devices.

Sharing data over Bluetooth connectivity is one of the oldest ways, but there is a disadvantage. When you try to send big files to nearby devices, it takes a long time, which can be really frustrating.

2. Share It

ShareIt is one of the most convenient apps for sharing data with nearby devices. ShareIt is available on the Google Play App store. This Android mobile application is widely used by people because of its fast file-sharing ability. ShareIt helps you in sharing a variety of files like photos, videos, documents, movies, songs, etc.

ShareIt helps you to maintain the good quality of the large files while transferring them to another mobile comparing other apps, which lowers the file quality to save space.

Additionally, ShareIt helps you to clean the unnecessary data from your phone. Also, it does not share your private data with any third-party apps. Users have rated this app 4.2/5 in the Google play store, and it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times so far.

3. File Sender-Share And Transfer

File Sender is the next app on the list that is available in the Google Play Store to share your data from mobile to nearby devices.

To share the file using File Sender, you have to select the file within the dashboard, and then you have to scan the QR code on another device to link the phones. Further, click on the “send” button to share the file with your nearby devices. The data sharing speed of File Sender is 40 Mb per second. In this app, there is no use of mobile internet and network for sharing your data.

File Sender mobile app was released on 8th January 2021. It is developed by XshareBest. The file size of the File Sender is 13 MB. The rating of this app on Google play is 5.0/5, and users have downloaded it more than 5 million times so far.

4. Zapya-File Transfer And Share

Zapya isn’t so popular, but a reliable data-sharing app from which you can easily transfer data from one mobile to another without using Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Zapya uses QR code technology to transfer data. You have to generate your QR code to transfer the data from your smartphone to nearby devices. Just open the app and scan the QR code of another mobile to link the devices to start transferring the data.

Using Zapya, you can transfer the bulk files and also forward the data to your created sender group. Additionally, Zapya gives the option to backup and easily transfer all the files and data from your old phone to the new one.

Zapya-File Transfer and share have a rating of 4.6 /5 in the Google play store, and more than 100 million users have downloaded the app so far.

5. Files By Google

File by Google is an ultimate file-sharing app developed by Google LLC. This app was released on 1st January 2017. In this app, you can easily find data on your phone to share with your nearby devices that have also installed the Files By Google app.

There are many functions of this app, like finding and clearing corrupted files and backing up on cloud storage and SD card too.

Using Files by Google, you can transfer the data to your nearby devices at a speed of 48Mbps. The file size of this app is 6.84MB. The rating of the Files by Google is 4.6/5, and more than 1 billion times, this app has been downloaded so far.

6. Easyshare

EasyShare gives you the experience of the best free file transferring options for your mobile. You can easily transfer the data at a lightning-fast speed with no internet required. In this app, there are no limits on file size, and you can send the file as much bigger as you like.

EasyShare was released on 30-June-2016. The file size of this app is 13.58 MB. It gives 40mbps speed to transfer the data to another device. This app has more than 2 billion users so far, and its rating is 5.0/5 in the Google play store.

To Sum Up

Sharing your memories of special occasions with your loved ones means a lot. These ultimate ways to share the data from your phone to nearby devices can help you share your personal data with your family and friends. You can download the app from the google play store; that is available for free. For More Guides & Tricks Visit Ski 2 Champoluc.

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